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Water-cooled Chiller Troubleshooting Method

Nov. 25, 2019

If the freezer is used for a long time, or if it is not regularly maintained, it will inevitably lead to some unforeseen failures. Today, Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier share some common troubleshooting methods.

Each water-cooled chiller not only performs comprehensive performance testing before leaving the factory, but also equips the unit with various safety protection devices such as phase protection, low water level protection, water flow switch protection, pump overload protection, and compressor Overload protection, high and low voltage protection, etc., to avoid secondary damage caused by the unit. In the event of a unit failure, the corresponding protection device will issue a reminder and stop the operation of the freezer.

One of the common faults: reverse phase. When the water-cooled chiller has this fault, it will be phase-protected in time. The reason for the reverse phase is that there are pumps and compressors reversed. At this time, we can exchange any two phases in the power phase line. If it is missing phase, we only need to use a multimeter to measure whether the three-phase power supply is normal, and check whether the power cable is broken. Drop it.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

The second common fault: the refrigerant shortage indicator is on. When the water temperature of the Water Cooled Chiller Machine is above 5°C, when the pressure of the low-pressure gauge is lower than 2kg/cm2, then the refrigerant is insufficient. At this time, we must carry out the leak detection work. If there is a leak, it should be filled and then replaced. The dry filter is re-vacuumed and the freezer is filled with the appropriate refrigerant.

The third common fault: poor heat dissipation causes slow cooling or can not be cooled. If the condenser of the water-cooled chiller has poor heat dissipation, the compressor efficiency is low, the running current is increased, and the high-pressure pressure is raised to 20kg/cm2. At this time, the compressor is subjected to high-pressure protection tripping and stops operation. At this time, the cooling tower cycle is checked. Whether the water is normal, whether the cooling water temperature is too high, and whether the cooling water valve is completely open, whether the condenser is dirty or not, etc., after these are normal, press the reset button to operate normally.

The fourth common fault: whether the high and low voltage is normal. The second and third of the previous ones analyze in detail the pressure display of the compressor when the high pressure or the low pressure is abnormal. Then when the compressor runs, the difference between the high pressure and the low pressure is very small or equal, then we have to check Whether the valve piece of the compressor itself is damaged or broken, and immediately stops the operation and informs the supplier to send someone to handle it.

In addition, the normal operation of the chiller requires extensive maintenance and maintenance after a period of operation. For many companies, due to the relatively weak sense of daily maintenance, after using the chiller for a long time, there is no effective maintenance for the chiller. If the chiller lacks the necessary maintenance and maintenance, it means that the chiller has a very high failure rate in the later stages.

In order to keep the chiller running safely and stably during the operation of the chiller, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive cleaning of the chiller after half a year of use. Especially for the location where dirt is easy to be needed, it is the key place to clean. It relies on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning effect, keep the chiller with higher heat dissipation performance, and establish a permanent change for the enterprise in a shorter time. The environment improves the overall efficiency of the company.

If the chiller is used at a high frequency and the environment is harsh, in order to reduce the probability of various types of failures in the industrial chiller, the cleaning time can be shortened to three months. The specific time for the thorough cleaning of the chiller needs to be determined according to the environment in which the enterprise is used. If the environment of the enterprise is relatively clean, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately. On the contrary, the enterprise needs to complete the cleaning in advance to keep the operation of the chiller stable, and avoid all kinds of failures affecting the normal use of the chiller.

The above is a description of the China Industrial Water Chiller supplier's troubleshooting method for water-cooled chillers, hoping to help everyone.

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