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Technical Requirements For Industrial Air-cooled Chillers

Nov. 18, 2019

Many friends may not know much about industrial air-cooled chiller equipment. In fact, industrial air-cooled chiller equipment has been widely used in domestic industrial production, which provides excellent refrigeration for all kinds of industrial production. Professional cooling effect. So, what is the technical requirement for industrial air-cooled chiller equipment when it is used? Below our China Industrial Water Chiller supplier to give you a brief introduction to this situation, I hope to be able to help everyone.

First of all, let's talk to you about the working principle of the air-cooled chiller. Industrial air-cooled chiller equipment is an industrial production auxiliary equipment for refrigeration purposes, which can be of great help to various industrial production. The industrial air-cooled chiller is a mold temperature machine that uses heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium. The mold temperature machine is from a storage tank, and the oil temperature machine mainly plays the role of preheating and constant temperature in the nine rolls; when working, the heat transfer oil enters the system from the oil storage tank, and is driven into the mold or other equipment requiring temperature control through the circulation pump. After the oil temperature heat transfer oil comes out of the temperature control equipment, it returns to the system and repeats. The air-cooled chiller has an Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Machine and an air-cooled screw chiller.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Machine

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Machine

In the operation of industrial air-cooled chiller equipment, the formation of the cooling effect requires the use of an effective refrigeration design inside the equipment. The heat transfer oil of the industrial air-cooled chiller is heated by the heater, and when the temperature of the medium detected by the temperature probe reaches the set value, the heater stops working. When the temperature of the oil temperature machine is lower than the set value, the heater starts to work. When the temperature of the oil temperature machine reaches the set value, it stops working. This cycle reciprocates to achieve the requirements of refrigeration.

So what are the technical requirements for air-cooled industrial chillers?

As a professional refrigeration equipment with a large amount of use in the industrial field, air-cooled industrial chillers are widely used in the industrial field. Many air-cooled industrial chiller equipment can be better for various types. Industrial production provides the best low-temperature working environment, which can greatly improve industrial labor productivity, and for air-cooled industrial chiller equipment itself, its technical production requirements are relatively high, air-cooled industrial chiller equipment Production and production have always had strict technical requirements, which can better guarantee the product quality of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment. The main components of air-cooled industrial chillers are four components: compressors, evaporators, condensers, and pumps. To maximize the usability of chiller equipment, the technical requirements are the ultimate in air-cooled industrial chillers. aims. Durable and excellent cooling, it must be technically improved.

The production technology of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment relies to a large extent on the specialized air-cooled industrial chiller equipment production line. Now all kinds of production and manufacturing enterprises have introduced more mature air-cooled industrial chiller equipment. The production line can better guarantee the production quality and performance of air-cooled industrial chiller equipment.

The above is the working principle and technical requirements of industrial air-cooled chillers. Have you learned? If you are interested in chillers, you can contact us, we can provide you with air-cooled chillers and Water Cooled Chiller Machine, welcome to buy.

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