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Heat pump closed belt modular sludge dryer

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Product Description

Heat pump closed belt modular sludge drying system
Water removed rate kg/24h48009600144001920024000
Water removed capacity kg/h2004006008001000
Operating power kw53106156212265
Heating pump modular qty12345
Compressor qty48121620
Cooling typeWater cooled
Cooling water flow  (15℃ temp difference)3691215
Power supply380V/3P/50HZ
Dry temperature48~56℃ ( air back)     65~80℃ (air outlet)
Control systemTouch screen + micro computer
Wet mud usable rangeMoisture content (40%~82%) ( different adaptation)
Dry material water contentInverter adjust, moisture content (10%~60%)
Molding methodslitter and strip
Dimension L (mm)3250650097501300016250
Dimension W (mm)14001400140014001400
Dimension H (mm)20802080208020802080
Structure typewhole setassembleassembleassembleassemble
Weight (kg)200040006000800014000


1. Wide temperature range,high effciency,enhaced vapor injection compressor;

2. High energy display control,high precision configuration,efficient heat recovery;

3. Modular stitching,transport,installation and removal are easier and more efficient.;

4. Environmentally friendly,energy saving,saving time;

5. The drying parameters are easy to control and wide adjustable range,drying quality is good;

6. Reasonable structure design: site survey, scientific planning, optimize investment costs, to ensure drying quality; easy installation and maintenance, smooth operation, easy to use;

7. Automatic temperature control,safe and environment protection.

This form is for reference only. We provide customized solutions based on customer's parameter requirements, providing each customer with one-to-one, more accurate parameter tables.

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