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Sea water industrial chiller 1500W small chiller

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Product Description

DC series small sea water chillers use DC power supply, using coolant as heat transfer medium, transferring heat generated by other instruments or equipment that need to be cooled, and dissipating heat to the outside of the equipment through the refrigeration system, thus ensuring that the equipment works within the normal temperature range.  

Thesea water cooled chiller takes advantage of a water-cooled condenser to make it an ideal choice for the existing salt water supply device. They use sea water to cool the condenser instead of air provided by fans and motors. Their low-calorie emissions, compact size, and quiet operation can be used in a small space with less ventilation.

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Features of Sea Water Cooled Condensers

Keep the water temperature within the range of 40 ° - 80 ° F

  • The low-key and compact design allows it to easily place it in a narrow place.

    The oversized spiral titanium pipe in the thermal exchanger can maximize the efficiency of BTU transmission.

  • The sealing motor/compressor installed in quiet, interior, and spring can provide many years of reliable services.

The seawater chiller or marine chiller is located near the ocean and can pump the filtered seawater into the cooler. They are usually used for public aquariums, aquaculture and research facilities. These saltwater chillers are also very suitable for use on boats and other ocean vessels. The condenser is made of titanium and PVC. Titanium is the only 100% thermal exchanger material that is proved to be safe to fish and corals in the saline system.

Sea water industrial chiller 1500W small chiller

Applications of Sea Water Cooled Condensers

  • Exhibits

  • Research

  • Animal spa

  • Hydroponic

  • Family aquarium

  • Cold water bathtub

  • Lobster and seafood storage tanks

Technicial parameter:
Small size DC water to water chiller for sea water parameter table
1Water cooled chillerModelHTB-M1.5S-24/36D-S
DC24V/ DC36V
3Cooling capacityW1500
4Power consumptionW240
5Running Amps   A11.7
CompressorTypeSmall DC compressor
Starting methodDirect start
9 EvaporatorTypeCasing type heat exchanger-  Titanium material
Water inlet temp (℃)24
 Water outlet temp (℃)19
Water flow rate (L/h)320
Water pipe3/4”
10CondenserTypeCasing type heat exchanger-  Titanium material
Water inlet temp (℃)30
 Water outlet temp (℃)35
Water flow rate (L/h)380
Water pipe3/4”

Configuration table:
High Performance Spare Parts & Accessories
ItemSpecificationBrandCountry of origin
1DC CompressorHighlyChina
2Evaporator( Casing type heat exchanger-  Titanium material)ShenshiChina
3Condenser ( Casing type heat exchanger-  Titanium material)ShenshiChina
4Dry filterCustomizedChina (Huazhao)
5CapillaryCustomizedChina (Huazhao)
6Microcomputer controllerCustomizedChina (Huazhao)
7Pressure SwitchMatch-WellChina
9Water linePVC pipeFor sea salt water

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