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Common Knowledge Of Chiller Product Maintenance

Dec. 02, 2019

Many domestic industrial productions require chiller products. Since chiller equipment can provide the most suitable operating conditions for different industrial productions, the demand for chiller products in the current industrial market has been increasing. The chiller product has become a very important professional refrigeration equipment in industrial production. If many industrial productions do not have chiller products, it is difficult to obtain a relatively ideal low-temperature refrigeration environment. In terms of chiller production, it can be said that Shanghai cold water The machine products are relatively recognized and praised by the majority of users. Today, we will invite the professional and technical personnel of China Industrial Water Chiller manufacturers to introduce the common knowledge about the maintenance of water chillers.

Water Cooled  Scroll Chiller

Water Cooled  Scroll Chiller

Professionals from the Industrial Water Chiller manufacturer told us that a reliable quality chiller product needs scientific maintenance in its daily use. If the chiller has been used for more than half a year, or the high and low pressure engines often fail, or the cooling capacity is reduced, then you should arrange for a technician to clean the radiator. At the same time, you should also clean the surface of the radiator to keep it clean and improve the effect of the radiator. The reasonable maintenance of chiller products can greatly improve the service life of chiller products. Generally, after a long period of use, it can be deactivated for a period of time. Due to the solidification of water pollution, the pump blades may be solidified by the dirt. When turning on the machine, you must first loosen the pump rotor to prevent the pump leaves from turning. , Causing the fuse to burn out.

Next, we also asked Air Cooled Screw Chiller Manufacturer professional technicians to give us a brief introduction about the use of chiller products.

In the process of using chiller products, we must pay attention to the correct use and operation of chiller products. When we use a chiller, sometimes its temperature is controlled at about 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature happens to be suitable for the strong growth of our microorganisms. Many microorganisms accompany our water cycle, and some microorganisms attach to our filter plates, resulting in poor waterways. As a result, the cooling effect of the machine is poor.

The application of chiller products must be reasonably maintained and maintained. Regularly keep the surface of the chiller filter clean, the air around the filter circulates, and clean the filter regularly. Generally, the filter is blown with compressed air once every three weeks. Reduce the occurrence of mold "sweat".

The above is the water cooling machine product using skills and maintenance knowledge introduced by the Water Cooled Chiller Machine supplier. Hope to help everyone.

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