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3000kg/day heat pump sludge dryer for dry oxidation sludge

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Product Description

The biological treatment of industrial wastewater will produce a large amount of sludge. The low-temperature sludge dryer machine is particularly suitable for dehydration sludge of the box filter. The sludge is dry from the initial water range of 40% to 82% to 10-60%. The drying temperature is 48 ~ 80 ° C, and the drying efficiency is high. It is an ideal sludge treatment solution with cost-effective.

Sludge dryer machine features

1. Environmentally friendly, energy saving, saving time;

2. Automatic temperature control,safe and environment protection;

3. Wide temperature range,high effciency,enhaced vapor injection compressor;

4. High energy display control,high precision configuration,efficient heat recovery;

5. Modular stitching,transport,installation and removal are easier and more efficient;

6. The test cycle is short; it can be installed indoors and outdoor to save the land area;

7. The drying parameters are easy to control and wide adjustable range,drying quality is good;

8. Smaller than traditional houses, large processing volume, reduced investment; no complex civil engineering; installation and adjustment simple;

9. Reasonable structure design: site survey, scientific planning, optimize investment costs, to ensure drying quality; easy installation and maintenance, smooth operation, easy to use.

Applicable to: heat pump sludge dryer industrial sludge, domestic sludge, chemical sewage, food sludge and drying industry

This form is for reference only. We provide customized sewage sludge drying solutions based on customer's parameter requirements, providing each customer with one-to-one, more accurate parameter tables. Please feel free to select your interested sludge dryer and contact us for detailed information!

Heat pump closed belt modular sludge drying system
Water removed rate kg/24h48009600144001920024000
Water removed capacity kg/h2004006008001000
Operating power kw53106156212265
Heating pump modular qty12345
Compressor qty48121620
Cooling typeWater cooled
Cooling water flow  (15℃ temp difference)3691215
Power supply380V/3P/50HZ
Dry temperature48~56℃ ( air back)     65~80℃ (air outlet)
Control systemTouch screen + micro computer
Wet mud usable rangeMoisture content (40%~82%) ( different adaptation)
Dry material water contentInverter adjust, moisture content (10%~60%)
Molding methodslitter and strip
Dimension L (mm)3250650097501300016250
Dimension W (mm)14001400140014001400
Dimension H (mm)20802080208020802080
Structure typewhole setassembleassembleassembleassemble
Weight (kg)200040006000800014000

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