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Recirculating Chiller

May. 07, 2020

Recirculating chiller is an air-cooled water circulation device that does not need the cold water tower, (the cold water tower is easy to mix impurities, dust caused by the cooling water circulation loop blockage, resulting in cooling capacity decline).

Recirculating chiller is a machine designed for the machine, scientific instrument, or production process that needs cooling water by compressor refrigeration. It has several advantages over the traditional pool cooling method.

Recirculating Chiller

Recirculating chiller advantage

  • 1. Save water

  • 2. It can improve the production capacity of required cooling equipment and instruments, extend the service life, and improve product quality.

  • 3. Anti-corrosion design can prevent the cooling water from blocking the pipeline for a long time.

Characteristics of recirculating chiller

  • 1, can make the poor impurity of the ring scene;

  • 2. It is most suitable for areas with poor water quality, and can save other accessories for cold water tower;

  • 3, adopt large capacity condenser, hot can easily run;

  • 4. It contains heat preservation water tank and water pump inside the fuselage, so there is no need to add cooling water tower to dissipate heat;

  • 5. Easy to install and move. But it has higher requirements for the working environment. First, because it is cooled by hot air circulation, if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In addition, if you want to put the chiller in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, then I suggest you modify the water-cooled one. Because the wind coolers, will be in the top of the jet water vapor to dissipate heat;


Recirculating chiller fault resolution

Recirculating chiller is coolant (commonly used cooling fluid for water, commonly used in the low-temperature synthesis of cooling fluid, such as ethylene glycol aqueous solution, hereinafter referred to as the cooling fluid or referred to as the "water") as the heat transfer medium, will need cooling equipment or other heat transfer equipment, heat by refrigeration system to external equipment, to ensure that equipment work in the normal temperature range. The closed medium circulation is formed between the device and the equipment by the pressure of the water pump in the device. The temperature of the medium is detected by the temperature sensor to control the refrigerator.

When the cooling water circulating machine appears some malfunction, we often can solve the problem according to some specific phenomenon

Phenomenon 1: when the power switch indicator is not on, the water pump does not turn.

-- possible causes and solutions:

The air switch (circuit main brake) above the power access terminal is in the "OFF" state.

The problem can be solved by putting the air switch in the "ON" state.


Phenomenon 2: after the first boot or a long time not boot, the pump does not turn or blocked turn, "normal pump" indicator light on, alarm buzzer.

-- possible causes and solutions:

There is a lot of air or scale inside the pump, or the pump does not use for a long time to cause the rotor lubrication decline, which makes it difficult to start the pump. Need to unplug the power, open the device cover plate, open the motor rotor is behind the rubber disc, with a word screwdriver against the motor rotor around the activity, the motor can restart.

Note: Different types of pumps are used for different devices. The above methods of disassembly and adjustment may not be applicable.

Phenomenon: water level alarm indicator flashing, alarm buzzer.

-- possible causes and solutions:

  1. A) the water in the tank is short of water and the water level is too low. Fill with water over the level switch;

  2. B) the level switch is short-circuited or damaged. Replace the level switch.

Phenomenon 3: water flow alarm indicator flickers, buzzer alarm.

-- possible causes and solutions:

  • A) the water pump is not turned on. Press the button to open the water pump;

  • B) open flow loop. Check the loop;

  • C) water pump damage. Replace the pumps.

  • Therefore, we should cherish and care for our recirculating chiller. If you need to buy a recirculating chiller, please contact us.

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