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Water Cooled Screw Chiller

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The series water chiller adopts efficient semi-closed screw compressor. the compressor adopts a 5:6 asymmetric high-efficiency screw rotor, which is graded or steplessly energy regulated. It is automatically adjusted according to load changes and is more energy efficient. The unit heat exchanger adopts high-efficiency heat exchange tube to improve the refrigeration efficiency, and the unit is equipped with multiple protections to make the unit operate safely and reliably.

Features of chiller:

1. Energy with high efficient

2. Operation noise and vibration is low

3. No friction loss

4. Low starting current

5. High system sustainability

6. Environmental protection

Safety system:

1 Compressor reverse protective

2 Freeze protector protective

3 Refrigerant safety valve

4 Buzzer

5 High-pressure gauge and Low-pressure gauge

6 Power phase failure protector

7 Coil over-heat protector

8 Temperature auto-switch

9 Refrigerant shortage protective

Water cooled screw chiller

Input power(KW)38.250.360.672.183.693.2104.4117.4129.4143167.2198.4
Freezing mediumR22
control modeThermal expansion valve
ComprosserModeSemi-closed double screw
Working styleY-Δ/Δ-Δ
Capacity0- 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%
CondensorModeEfficient external  thread shell and tube type
Cooling water tempretureIn 30℃/Out 35℃
Cooling water flow (m³/h)39.152.763.675.588.699.8111.8125.8138.5153.1175.9211.8
Pressure loss (Kpa)555558585861616365656667
EvaporatermodeEfficient internal  thread shell and tube type
Freeze water tempretureIn 12℃/Out 7℃
Freeze water flow (m³/h)31.342.150.960.470.979.889.4100.6110.8122.5140.7169.4
Pressure loss (Kpa)525558585858616161626464
SafeguardHigh and low pressure protection;  overload protection; anti-phase protection,  compressor over temperature protection;
high pressure safety valve protection;  oil pressure protection; exhaust over heat protection
Units WeightKg98012501590172020402460278030603200385041004480


1. Above cooling capacity parameters are all based on the conditions of condensation temperature 40℃, evaporation temperature 2℃.

2. We can make order according to your requirement.

3. Please indicate the hot recycled if needed, as the recycle rate can be up to 25%-30% of the unit refrigerating capacity, the temperature can be up to 55℃.

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