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What Are the Advantages of the Sludge Dryer?

Aug. 24, 2022

Sludge is very common in our daily life, which also promoted the birth of sludge dryer, whether it is industrial production or municipal construction, there will be a large number of sludge production. We should know that industrial sludge contains a lot of heavy metals, which, if not handled properly, can have a huge impact on the environment or human health.


Before the popularization of sludge dryer, a lot of people will bury the industrial sludge, you should know that the industrial sludge moisture content is high, the smell is big, some chemical components in the sludge will kill the bacteria in the soil, thereby damaging the original structure of the soil, make the soil lose vitality; At the same time, the sewage in the industrial sludge will permeate into the underground, causing pollution to the groundwater.

If the industrial sludge is placed in the open air, the harmful gases in the sludge will be released, not only causing pollution to the atmosphere, but also causing harm to the human body. Therefore, how to treat these industrial sludge is very important.

The sludge dryer adopts the box structure as a whole, and the internal air is all closed cycle. The dehumidification capacity of the unit is absolutely not affected by the external environment temperature. There is no gas leakage and no gas pollution. In the drying process, the sludge can dehydrate quickly, and the moisture content of the dried sludge is especially low, showing a loose and loose state, which is convenient for transportation and treatment.

Equipment features of sludge dryer

  • 1. Sludge dryer has compact structure, small floor space, less auxiliary equipment, saving investment and operating cost.

  • 2, the sludge dryer adopts the way of conduction heating, the heat transfer area is large, the heat loss is small, the heat utilization rate can reach more than 90%.

  • 3. The wedge-shaped paddle of the sludge dryer has the self-cleaning ability and can maintain the efficient heat transfer function.

  • 4. Sludge drying degree and particle size are uniform after drying by sludge dryer.

  • 5, sludge dryer drying process adjustable high, easy to operate and control.

  • 6. The sludge dried by the sludge dryer contains high calorific value and organic components, which is a renewable resource with utilization value and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

If you have any requirements for sludge dryer, please contact us. In order to give you an accurate quotation, please indicate your parameter requirements when you write to us. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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