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How Does A Water-cooled Screw Chiller Work?

Jul. 22, 2022

Chillers create chilled water or a water/glycol mixture to cool a building or process. Usually used in conjunction with an air handler's coil, the chiller receives warm liquid from the air handler's coil or process load, reduces the temperature of the liquid, and then a pump returns the liquid to the air handler's coil or process.


Chillers can be classified as: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled chillers exhaust the heat absorbed from the building or process directly into the outdoor air, using refrigerant to air coils and fans that blow outdoor air directly onto these coils. Water-cooled chillers remove the absorbed heat into an additional fluid loop, which then removes the heat through a secondary device such as a cooling tower (more common) or a dry cooler (less common).


This article will focus on screw chiller working principle and features of water-cooled screw chillers.


The working principle of water-cooled screw chiller

This is another type of chiller. Its name is due to the fact that its core machinery is the application of screw compressor.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller


It is known and used in the plastics industry, electronics, electroplating, chemicals, printing, pharmaceuticals, food distribution and other industrial refrigeration methods utilizing cooling water. It is also suitable for shopping malls, hospitals, factories and other critical oxygen conditioning schemes where cooling liquids are required for co-cooling.


However, buy high quality water-cooled screw chillers from reliable manufacturers to get the best performance.


How does a water-cooled screw chiller work?

The compressor, or cooling unit, will vaporize at low gravity and low temperature. The coolant enters the piston and then passes through the mechanical chamber, reducing the volume of the gas. The cooling gas is compressed into a high pressure gas and high temperature.


From the dissipation, the gas passes to the cooling chamber, where the high pressure and high temperature cooling gas talks to the chilled fluid in the air pocket and heat is transferred to the chilled water, even though the coolant is compressed into a high vacuum fluid.


Water Cooled Screw Chiller

 Water Cooled Screw Chiller       

The vacuum fluid from the compressor is regulated by a thermostatic widening valve that maintains the temperature and enters the evaporator. In the liquid converter chamber, the minimal vacuum liquid coolant fascinates the temperature of the chilled water and disperses the cooled water, cooling it down to the expected chilled water, suitable for drinking.


The evaporated coolant is re-pumped through the condenser and flows into the cooling chamber, thus spreading again, so that the cooled liquid is refrigerated.


Water cooling starts from the entry piece to the chilled water, which enters the chamber fan circulation, the fickle air volume AC, and additional manipulation in the interior and the incoming air heat dialogue proceeds, and the liquid is concentrated due to the interior air temperature.


Then, the temperature rises and the internal air exceeds the internal temperature converter subsequent to the heat drops, where the air flow is determined and then passed to the chamber, in this way plunging the internal breeze heat. At the same time, the temperature rises and the cold water is recirculated into the unit under thrust. Thus, the sequence reaches the drive for constant cooling.

 Water Cooled Screw Chiller

  Water Cooled Screw Chiller   

Features of water-cooled screw chillers

1. A unit compressor collection of partial-barred screw vacuum pump and automated regulator tools, equipped with temperature converter and effective high-value copper cylinder cooling chamber and evaporator.


2. It has various forms of security gears, easy to operate; long life.


3. The water-cooled screw chiller model contains a cooling system with a single vacuum or a combination of more than one vacuum. Then, the compressor can be changed as a result of load or automation to facilitate operation. It is equivalent to the total working period of the vacuum to protect the vitality and spread the application of the chiller as a result of time limitation.


4. Open configuration, strong institutional presence, simple configuration, manipulation parts that can be patterned at will, easy to fix and maintain.


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