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Water Cooled Scroll Type Heat Pump Water Heater

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The series heat pump hot water machine used the efficient famous compressor from European, with its own superiority: high energy efficiency, low noise, high reliability, small footprint, easy installation, simple operation and high flexibility.

Features of heat pump:

1. Large amount of water

2. Economic savings

3. The scope of application very widely

4. Constant temperature

5. Safety and environmental protection

6. Antifreeze function

7. Easy installation

8. Long service life,

9. Low maintenance costs,

10. Equipment performance stability


1. Large amount of water: Water tank capacity tailored according to specific requirements, adequate water, to meet the different needs of different customers at different times.

2. Economic savings: From the air to get a lot of energy, energy efficiency up to 300% to 400%. According to the use automatic water heater set up time, saving the cost.

3. The scope of application: From climate, in the ambient temperature of -10 ℃ ~ 43 ℃ can normal work, can be widely used in homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, dormitories, residential quarters, sauna and other concentrated Heating.

4. Constant temperature: The use very simple, the entire water heater intelligent control system with automation, users only need to open the first use of power, in the course of the use of fully automated operation to reach the user specified temperature automatically shut down, lower than the user When the specified temperature of the system to start their own operation, the full realization of 24 hours a day at any time without waiting for hot water.

5. Safety and environmental protection: The structure of complete separation of hydropower, and without any harmful toxic gas emissions or combustion, from typhoons and other natural disasters, the absolute security;

6. Antifreeze function: With intelligent frost function to ensure that the water heater in low temperature environment, stable operation, it can be based on outdoor temperature, evaporator fin temperature and unit run time and other parameters of integrated intelligent judgments automatic entry and exit box.

7. Easy installation: small size

Can be installed anywhere, installed in the room does not take up space, can also be installed in the outdoors, such as roofs, floors and other open-air place, can achieve remote monitoring, small footprint, easy to install, no separate room.

8. Long service life, low maintenance costs, equipment performance and stability, the service life of up to 15 years.

Water cooled scroll type heat pump hot water heater ( 75degree)
Heating capacityKW61.593.1125.4
Cooling CapacityKW38.959.280.2
Input power(KW)22.633.945.2
Freezing mediumR134a
Control modeThermal expansion valve
ComprosserModeScroll compressor
Working styleDirect start
High temperature CondensorModeAnti-corrosion high-performance shelland tube
Cooling air tempretureIn 70℃/Out 75℃
Water flow (m³/h)10.51621.5
Pressure loss (Kpa)353540
Hot water pipeDN50DN65DN80
EvaporaterModeAnti-corrosion high-performance shelland tube
Freeze water tempretureIn 20℃/Out 18℃
Freeze water flow (m³/h)16.725.434.4
Pressure loss (Kpa)384245
SafeguardHigh and low pressure protection; overload protection; anti-phase protection, compressor over temperature protection;
high pressure safety valve protection; oil pressure protection; exhaust over heat protection
Units WeightKg6508681290


1. Above parameters are all based on the conditions of Evaporator water temperature (in) 20℃,water temperature(out)18℃. Hot water original temp is 15℃, end temp is 75℃.

2. We can make order according to your requirement.

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