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What Causes Industrial Chillers Not To Cool?

Oct. 29, 2019

Water Chiller Machine For Factory are a class of professional refrigeration machinery used in domestic industrial production. Industrial chillers have excellent cooling performance and are an auxiliary production equipment necessary for industrial production. It can be said that a lot of industrial production needs to be completed by means of industrial chiller equipment, especially in recent years, industrial chiller equipment has become an indispensable professional refrigeration equipment in the domestic industrial market, different Industrial production often requires the selection of different types of industrial chiller equipment, such as Small Cooled Industrial Water Chiller. So how do you classify various industrial chiller equipment in the industrial market? In general, industrial chillers mainly have:

Water cooled Chiller

Water cooled Chiller

Mold temperature control series industrial chiller: This type of industrial chiller equipment is mainly used for water temperature type mold temperature machine, oil type mold temperature machine, high temperature mold temperature machine and other thermal temperature control units.

Crusher series industrial chiller: strong crusher, silent pulverizer, slow (medium speed) machine pulverizer and other plastic material special crusher, scraper and scraper equipment.

Mixing series industrial chiller: vertical mixing machine, horizontal color mixing machine, drum type color mixing machine, high speed color mixing machine, large tonnage color mixing machine and other mixing machine, mixing machine, mixer equipment.

Many professional refrigeration equipment produced by industrial chiller manufacturers can provide efficient low temperature treatment and low temperature regulation. The main performance indicators of industrial chillers are working temperature, evaporation temperature and condensing temperature for vapor compression chillers, temperature and cooling medium temperature for gas compression chillers and semiconductor chillers. The basic performance of industrial chiller products.

In addition, the refrigeration effect of the equipment of industrial chiller manufacturers has a great relationship with the structure of the equipment itself and the function of the equipment type. The cooling capacity is the heat, power or heat consumption, cooling coefficient and thermal coefficient of the refrigerator removed from the object to be cooled per unit time (measured by the economics of the absorption and steam jet refrigerators, which can be obtained by consuming unit heat). Cooling capacity, etc. Modern industrial chillers are most widely used in vapor compression chillers.

Many companies will choose industrial chiller equipment for industrial use according to their own needs. As a new type of high-efficiency professional refrigeration equipment, industrial chiller products can provide a lot of help for many industrial production, but sometimes in industrial cold water. During the operation of the machine, there will be no refrigeration. Today, our Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer will give you a brief introduction about the reasons why the industrial chiller does not cool.

The technical staff of industrial chiller manufacturers believe that the phenomenon that industrial chiller equipment does not cool can be caused by different reasons. Generally speaking, the most common type of snow is not enough, or it is improperly operated. It may also be because the chiller has more machines, insufficient power, and too high ambient temperature. This is a case where the industrial chiller equipment is not cooled. Common reasons.

In addition, if there is no refrigeration in the industrial chiller equipment, the cause of the failure can be considered from other aspects. Sometimes, the condenser of the industrial chiller equipment is not cleaned for a long time. The condenser is one of the basic components of the chiller, and most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions, acid carbonates and other impurities. In addition, oxygen dissolved in the cooling water can also cause corrosion of the metal to form rust. The heat transfer effect of the condenser is reduced. As a result, there is no refrigeration.

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