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Knowledge About Industrial Chillers

Nov. 05, 2019

Industrial chillers are a class of professional refrigeration machinery used in domestic industrial production. Industrial chillers have excellent cooling performance and are an auxiliary production equipment necessary for industrial production. The industrial chiller we are talking about here is broadly equivalent to the refrigeration equipment we mentioned. The generalized chiller refers to all refrigeration-related machinery and equipment in the refrigeration industry. Today, our Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturer will introduce you to the chiller.

Many professional refrigeration equipment produced by industrial chiller manufacturers can provide efficient low temperature treatment and low temperature regulation. The main performance indicators of industrial chillers are working temperature, evaporation temperature and condensing temperature for vapor compression chillers, temperature and cooling medium temperature for gas compression chillers and semiconductor chillers. The basic performance of industrial chiller products.

In addition, the refrigeration effect of the equipment of industrial chiller manufacturers has a great relationship with the structure of the equipment itself and the function of the equipment type. The cooling capacity is the heat, power or heat consumption, cooling coefficient and thermal coefficient of the refrigerator removed from the object to be cooled per unit time (measured by the economics of the absorption and steam jet refrigerators, which can be obtained by consuming unit heat). Cooling capacity, etc. Modern industrial chillers are most widely used in vapor compression chillers.

Industrial chiller equipment is currently used in a wide range of applications, providing the optimum low temperature environment for all types of industrial production. Many industrial chillers are a kind of mechanical equipment that takes the chilled water through the reactor jacket or the coil inside the reactor and takes away the heat generated by the chemical reaction of the reactor, such as a Water Cooled Chiller Machine.

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

The operation of industrial chiller products generally requires the use of good refrigeration components and specialized refrigerants. At present, most of the main principles of industrial chiller equipment in the domestic market are to refrigerate ordinary water by evaporation and condensation of refrigerant, and then pump the chilled water to the interlayer or coil of the reactor, and then chilled water. Heat is taken out of the reactor. Complete the entire cooling process.

It can be said that in the domestic industrial market, leaving industrial freezers, various industrial production will be seriously affected. The importance of Water Chiller Machine For Factory lies in the ability to provide better production conditions for various industrial productions, and at the same time To improve the industrial labor productivity, then, how to install the products for all kinds of industrial refrigerator products? Below, let us introduce the relevant installation points.

Under normal circumstances, for the newly purchased industrial refrigerator equipment, you should first understand the instruction manual of the industrial refrigerator equipment, and be familiar with the special installation items. Under normal circumstances, when installing industrial refrigeration equipment, the foundation should not be tilted horizontally, and the center line of the cooling tower should be perpendicular to the plane, otherwise the cloth will not work well. For the cooling inlet and outlet pipes above 175t, the support should be adjusted.

In addition, industrial refrigerator manufacturers should pay attention to the conflict between equipment and design when installing industrial refrigerator products. When installing an industrial freezer, when two or more pumps are used, a balance water pipe should be added between the basins to recirculate the water connection. It is advisable to use a suspension hose connection. At the same time, the fan blades of the cooling tower should be consistent with the gap between the tower walls, and the difference between the two sides and the three sides of the gap should not be allowed to be too large to find out the problem in time.

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