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Three Systems of Chiller and Cleaning Steps

Mar. 16, 2020

The chiller is a water cooling system. In the summer, many enterprises need the chiller to operate 24 hours. In winter, some companies do not need chiller, but when the chiller is disabled. The maintenance work should be done well so that it can be used normally in summer. The Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer will tell you about the three major systems of the chiller and the cleaning steps of the chiller.

First, the three major systems of chiller

1. Refrigerant circulation system

The Water Chiller Machine For Factory evaporator contains liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant begins to evaporate after absorbing heat from the water. Finally, there will be a temperature difference between the water and the refrigerant, and the liquid refrigerator will become gaseous after it has completely evaporated. After being absorbed by the compressor, it is compressed, and the gaseous refrigerant is radiated through the condenser. The temperature drops and then forms a liquid, which finally completes the refrigeration cycle.

2.Water circulation system

The function of the water pump is to extract water from the water tank to the equipment that needs to be cooled. After the water pumps the heat, the temperature will rise and then return to the frozen water tank.

3.Electrical automatic control system

Including the automatic control part and power supply part of the industrial chiller system. The automatic control part includes relay, pressure protection, temperature controller, pressure protection, temperature controller, time delay, overload protection and other combinations. It can automatically start or stop according to the water temperature. After the power part passes the contactor, it mainly supplies power to the compressor, water pump and fan lamp.

Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit

Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit

Second, cleaning steps for chiller

1. Shut off the water source of the chiller and clean up the water inside the unit parts and the pipeline. Avoid residual water rusting unit parts after shutdown, or frost heaving of copper pipes if the temperature is too low. At the same time, the drain nut under the water pump should be unscrewed to drain the remaining water from the pump to prevent the water system from freezing due to the low ambient temperature. Evaporation of the evaporator causes refrigerant leakage or damage to the pump impeller.

2. Turn off the power and check whether every part is worn (if necessary, it needs to be replaced).

3. Clean the fan of the air-cooled chiller and keep it clean.

4. The water tank of the water tank coil evaporator, check for debris and other debris and remove it.

5. Understand the use of lubricating oil through data records, and regularly change the lubricating oil according to the use standards to maintain a good lubrication condition.

6. The chilled water pipe of the chiller must be insulated, because the pipe insulation can not only prevent the serious loss of cold capacity. It also prevents dew formation on the outer wall of the tube.

7. Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit is one of the chiller models. It cools water at room temperature through the chiller's compressor to a certain temperature to strengthen the cooling mold or machine. As a stand-alone device, the heat sink is a built-in fan. There are mainly three interconnected systems, the refrigerant cycle system, the water cycle system, and the electrical automatic control system.

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