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How to Choose Industrial Chiller?

Jun. 22, 2022

In daily life, if you want to make a certain object or space reach a certain low temperature, then you need to use certain technical means and methods to complete the refrigeration. The chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment. Through refrigeration technology, it can provide constant temperature, constant current, and constant pressure cooling water equipment to achieve a certain object or space at a lower temperature than the surrounding environment within a certain time and space. 

And maintained within the set temperature range. Sometimes, the high temperature will cause the production of the product to be bad or affect the progress of the production, which needs to find a way to cool down. The industrial chiller can solve this problem and provide a suitable temperature for the product. Therefore, the use of industrial chillers has been applied to various manufacturers. When we buy, in addition to knowing how much the industrial chiller is, it is more important to understand its choice. So how to choose an industrial chiller? The Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer will tell you below.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

 Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

First we need to know how the industrial chiller works.

The working principle of industrial chiller:

First, you must first inject water into the water tank of the industrial chiller within the specified range, and the chiller refrigeration system will automatically cool off the water. Then the water pump will send the low-temperature cooling water to the equipment to be cooled. The chilled water of the chiller will remove the heat and return the temperature to the water tank to achieve the cooling effect. The cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to requirements, and long-term use can save water.

Second, the process of generally drawing heat from environmental media or objects and transferring it to a heating object that is higher than the ambient temperature is called heat pump heating. For a refrigeration system that draws heat from the ambient medium and discharges heat to high temperatures, a machine that can perform both cooling and heating functions alternately or simultaneously is called a cooling and heating pump. From an energy utilization point of view, this is an effective way to use energy.

3. The heat absorbed in the evaporator becomes steam, and the compressor continuously extracts the generated steam from the evaporator and compresses it. The compressed high-temperature and high-pressure steam is sent to the condenser to release heat and condense to the cooling medium. It becomes a high-pressure liquid, enters the evaporator after being depressurized by the throttling mechanism, and vaporizes again, absorbing the heat of the object to be cooled, and circulating in this cycle.

Box Type Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Box Type Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Secondly, the choice of industrial chiller mainly depends on the following aspects:

1. Temperature control range:

According to the different temperature control range, the chiller is divided into standard chiller and low temperature chiller. The standard chiller's temperature control range is 3-35 degrees, and the low-temperature chiller's temperature control range is 0-20 degrees.

2. Type selection:

Industrial chiller is mainly divided into Water Cooled Chiller Machine and air-cooled chiller. Water-cooled chiller needs to be equipped with cooling water tower, circulating water pump, using water tower for heat dissipation. The air-cooled chiller does not require other equipment, and performs heat exchange through its own fan and air.

3. Model selection:

After the type of chiller is determined, the choice of model must also be destined. Because there are many specifications of each chiller. Therefore, when you are equipped with a chiller, you must carefully calculate parameters such as the amount of refrigeration and the amount of frozen water.

The method of how to choose an industrial chiller is the above aspects. After knowing this knowledge, you can easily purchase it later and choose an industrial chiller suitable for your own use. The above is the selection method of industrial chiller introduced by Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturer. I hope it can help everyone.

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