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What Is The Role Of Installing Ventilation Ducts?

Apr. 22, 2019

Here is Air Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier talking about What is the role of installing ventilation ducts. 

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Air Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier

The installation of the fan is of particular significance for industrial sites such as factories. Moreover, the fan can be installed on the roof, and the appearance is greatly improved. Having said that, what are the advantages of the fan? 

The experts of the ventilation and smoke expert told us:

First of all, many of today's industrial plants are built with color steel plates. The heat dissipation conditions are poor. The working environment can directly affect the work efficiency of workers, the work efficiency is reduced, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed. The roof fan can effectively improve the indoor air quality, give a more comfortable working environment of two meters, and increase work efficiency. Because the roof fan is installed on the roof, it does not affect the beauty of the factory.

Secondly, in some industrial places, due to their particularity, the air pollution index in the factory is high, and the poor environment can seriously affect the health of workers. The exhaust ventilation duct can greatly improve the air quality in the factory.

Finally, in the fire accident, most people are injured by heavy smoke. The smoke exhaust pipe can quickly discharge the smoke generated by the fire accident, and if necessary, a fire damper should be installed, which can greatly reduce the fire accident. loss.

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