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Refrigeration Piping Considerations

Apr. 25, 2019

As a manufacturer of Auto Water Cooled Chiller, we will discuss Refrigeration piping considerations with you.

Custom Water Cooled Chiller

1. The choice of copper pipe diameter should be in accordance with the pipe diameter of the compressor suction and exhaust valve interface. The pipe diameter should be increased when the condenser is separated from the compressor by more than 3 meters.

2. The suction surface of the condenser and the wall are kept at a distance of more than 400mm, and the air outlet and the obstacle are kept at a distance of more than 3 meters.

3. The diameter of the inlet and outlet of the liquid storage tank shall be based on the exhaust and discharge diameters indicated on the unit sample. 4. The compressor suction line and the air cooler return line shall not be smaller than the size indicated in the sample to reduce the internal resistance of the evaporation line.

5. When making the adjustment station, each outlet pipe should be sawed into a 45-degree oblique opening, inserted into the bottom end, and the inlet pipe is inserted into one-fourth of the diameter of the regulating station.

6. The exhaust pipe and the return pipe should have a certain slope. When the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the exhaust pipe should be inclined to the condenser and a liquid ring should be installed at the compressor exhaust port. After the shutdown, the gas is cooled and liquefied back to the high-pressure exhaust port, and the liquid is compressed when the machine is started.

7. U-bend should be installed at the exit of the return pipe of the air cooler. The return airline should be oriented in the direction of the compressor to ensure smooth oil return.

At the same time, Custom Water Cooled Chiller can be offered for you.  Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

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