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Centrifugal Chiller Vibration Control

Apr. 19, 2019

Here is Water Cooled Chiller Supplier talking about Centrifugal chiller vibration control.

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At present, the energy adjustment methods adopted by various manufacturers in centrifugal chillers generally include inlet guide vane adjustment, compressor frequency conversion and ten-day leaf diffuser width adjustment, and some manufacturers combine the above methods to adjust. Different energy regulation methods are a very important factor in determining the surge point of a centrifuge.

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(1) The adjustment of the common mouth guide vane is adopted, and the surge point is between 20~30 load, which is different for different brand units.

(2) Adopting and importing guide vane adjustment is supplemented by variable frequency speed regulation of compressor impeller, and its surge point can be controlled at about 10 loads.

(3) The adjustment of the inlet guide vane is supplemented by the width of the compressor diffuser, and the surge point can be controlled to about 10 loads.

(4) For the multi-stage centrifugal unit, the inlet guide vane adjustment is adopted for each stage of the inlet, and the surge point can also be controlled to about 10 loads.

The same as the partial load COP value, the above-mentioned surge point is measured under the condition of changing the cooling water inlet temperature, but the actual cooling water temperature does not change much during the actual use, which is the occurrence of surge during actual use. The load rate is always higher than the manufacturer's promise. Therefore, when selecting a unit, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer to provide a surge point for the cooling water temperature. This is of real significance.

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