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Refrigeration Piping Considerations 2

Apr. 28, 2019

As a Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer, So let's continue what we did last time.

8. The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the air cooler. The solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, the valve body is vertical and the direction of the liquid is noted.

9. If necessary, install a filter on the compressor return line to prevent dirt in the system from entering the compressor and remove moisture from the system.

Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer

10. Before the sodium and lock nuts of the refrigeration system are tightened, the lubricating oil should be wiped to enhance the sealing. Wipe clean after tightening. The roots of each door should be locked.

11. The temperature sensor of the expansion valve is fastened with a metal card at the outlet of the evaporator at 100mm-200mm and is tightly wrapped with double insulation.

12. After the installation of the refrigeration system is completed, the overall appearance is beautiful and the colors are consistent. There should be no cross-level inequality in the pipeline.

13. When the refrigeration pipeline is welded, the sewage outlet should be left from the high and low pressure with nitrogen blowing for partial blowdown. After the partial blowdown is completed, the whole system will be blown until no dirt is qualified. The blowdown pressure is 0.8 MPa.

14. After the whole system is welded, the airtightness test is carried out, and the high-pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.8MP. The low-pressure side is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. Check the leaks with soapy water during the filling process, carefully check the welds, flanges, and valves. After the completion of the test, the pressure test is not less than 24 hours.

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