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How To Reduce Transportation Cost And Improve The Efficiency Of Cold Chain Logistics?

May. 05, 2019

Today we Water Cooled Screw Chiller Seller come to summarize How to reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics.

With the rapid development of China's fresh-keeping technology, the development environment and infrastructure conditions of cold chain logistics have been continuously improved, which has led to the rapid development of cold chain logistics. At this stage, cold chain logistics is restricted by factors such as logistics infrastructure capacity and logistics technology. As a result, the cold chain logistics transportation efficiency is low, the corrosion rate is high, and the cost is high, which has become a direct problem faced by all cold chain logistics enterprises. How can enterprises improve the circulation efficiency of cold chain logistics under existing conditions and reduce the key damage rate and logistics cost of logistics and transportation?

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How to reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics?

1. Form a complete set of cold chain system, such as production, processing, distribution, warehousing, distribution, after-sales, etc. The links in the chain are coordinated and closely connected, and there is no broken chain phenomenon, thus ensuring transportation efficiency and transportation quality. Reduce circulation costs.

Give full play to the potential of refrigerated transportation of roads, actively adopt the information technology of the title system, truly prioritize the transportation of refrigerated goods, establish a "green channel" for refrigerated transportation, and actively establish relevant departments such as customs, agents, and yards for roads and waterways. A computer management information system and an electronic data exchange system with unified standard data. Railways, highways, and waterways should break their respective barriers and actively develop joint transportation networks of railways, highways, and waterways to form a multimodal transport system. At the same time, it develops transportation agents for perishable goods on railways and highways. Ensure that all refrigeration and temperature control equipment is used during the transportation of cold chain products, thus ensuring high refrigeration rate and reducing product corrosion rate.

2. Using advanced refrigeration technology

All aspects of the cold chain product circulation process use advanced technology, such as hazardous substance analysis and detection technology, vacuum pre-cooling technology, dynamic monitoring technology, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of cold chain products, and effectively promote the rapid development of cold chain logistics.

3. Establish special management organizations and associations to be responsible for the operation and management of the cold chain logistics system. Through the formulation of national or industry standards, policy support will be provided to meet the evolving needs of cold chain logistics.

4. Form a complete transportation management information system

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