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Notes on the Selection of Compressor Oil for Chillers

Jul. 14, 2020

The chiller is assembled from compressor, evaporator, condenser, and other accessories, and the compressor is the key part equivalent to the heart of the chiller. A little carelessness will directly affect the operation of the entire chiller. In addition to its own quality, the normal operation of the compressor also depends on the lubrication of the compressor oil. The refrigeration compressor oil is mainly used to lubricate the compressor cylinder, piston ring, bearing, speed-increasing gear, crank connecting rod and crankcase Lubricating system requires regular replacement of lubricant to ensure its quality.

The chiller manufactured by the chiller manufacturer will be filled with refrigerant and lubricating oil before leaving the factory. Customers only need to connect the water system and power supply to use. However, during the operation of the unit, the lubricating oil will inevitably be contaminated and need to be replaced, so how to choose the correct compressor oil for the chiller? The following is a brief analysis of the notes on the selection of compressor lubricants:

1. Has good oxidation stability

Since the discharge temperature of the compressor of the chiller is usually 120℃~200℃, it is possible to reach ℃. The compressor oil is easily oxidized at high temperature and deteriorates to produce sludge. Therefore, the oxidation stability of the compressor oil must be guaranteed to prevent oxidation Generate sludge.

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2. Have a suitable viscosity

Appropriate viscosity of refrigeration compressor oil can make the compressor play good lubrication, cooling and sealing under working temperature and pressure, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the chiller compressor.

3. The tendency of carbon deposition is better

The accumulation of carbon in the exhaust system will cause the exhaust valve to be closed tightly, and at the same time, the cooling effect will be poor, and the temperature of the exhaust gas will increase. Therefore, the compressor of the chiller is prone to failure, even fire or explosion. The tendency of carbon deposition is better.

4. It has good anti-emulsification, anti-corrosion, and anti-foam properties

Condensate and air are easily mixed in the compressor oil of the chiller, which will emulsify and deteriorate the oil, increase the corrosion and wear of the machine parts, and oxidize the oil. Therefore, it is required to have good anti-emulsification, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.

The above points can help you choose the correct lubricant for the chiller compressor. When replacing the lubricant, if the company does not have a professional operator, it is recommended to ask the chiller manufacturer to arrange a technician to replace it. Remember not to disassemble it by yourself to avoid unnecessary loss.

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