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The Composition of the Chiller 2

Jun. 28, 2020

Thermal expansion valve: The thermal expansion valve is both a flow regulating valve and a throttle valve in the refrigeration system. It is installed between the drying filter and the evaporator in the refrigeration equipment, and its temperature-sensitive package is wrapped at the outlet of the evaporator. Its main function is to make the high-pressure and normal-temperature refrigerant liquid throttle and depressurize when it flows through the thermal expansion valve, and become low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant wet vapor (enter the evaporator, vaporize and absorb heat in the evaporator, and achieve the purpose of cooling). Our company provides an auto water-cooled chiller.

Evaporator: The evaporator is a heat exchange device that absorbs the heat of the cooling medium by evaporating the refrigerant liquid. Its function in the refrigeration system is to absorb heat (or output cooling capacity). In order to ensure that the evaporation process can be carried out stably and lastingly, the refrigerant gas must be continuously pumped away by the refrigeration compressor to maintain a certain evaporation pressure.

Refrigerant: NTC uses R22 as the refrigerant. Its role is to carry heat and achieve heat absorption and heat release when the state changes.

Auto Water Cooled Chiller

3. Water circulation system:

The water circulation system is a device that pumps water from the water tank to the user to be cooled. The chilled water takes the heat away and the temperature rises and then returns to the chilled water tank.

4. Electrical automatic control system:

The electrical automatic control system includes the power supply part and the automatic control part.

The power supply part supplies power to the compressor, fan, water pump, etc. through the contactor.

The automatic control part includes the thermostat, pressure protection, time delay, relay, overload protection, etc. combined to achieve automatic start and stop, protection, and other functions according to the water temperature.

The above information is provided by an air-cooled chiller manufacturer.

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