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What Is the Harm of Insufficient Refrigerant to the Chiller Refrigeration System?

Jul. 24, 2020

The importance of traditional industries in our lives has become increasingly apparent, and the importance of related appliances that assist the traditional processing industry has become increasingly clear. Air-cooled chillers have become an indispensable existence in the plastic processing industry. An excellent chiller can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic products we see now, and can also greatly reduce the probability of traces and textures and internal stress on the surface of the plastic products, ensuring that the plastic products that reach consumers will not shrink or deform When the situation occurs, choosing an air-cooled chiller can also help more convenient demolding and product shaping when processing plastic products, which greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality in the industry. So how to choose the right air-cooled chiller and choose the right air-cooled chiller manufacturer has become a top priority.

For the chiller refrigeration system, as long as it is installed correctly and reliably, and there is no leakage at the pipe connection, then the system can operate effectively for a long time, and do not add refrigerant. If there is a refrigerant leak in the chiller, we should try to find the leak first, solve the leak, and then replenish the refrigerant.

Water Chiller

First, the reasons for insufficient refrigerant

1. The newly installed chiller is not charged with refrigerant as required.

2. The airtightness of the system is not good, causing refrigerant leakage.

3. Improper operation and maintenance may cause refrigerant leakage.

Second, the impact of the insufficient refrigerant charge on the chiller

1. If the suction pressure and discharge pressure of the compressor is lower than the normal value, you need to check whether it is because of insufficient refrigerant charge.

2. In the case of insufficient refrigerant charge, the compressor will run under no rated load, resulting in light load or even idling of the chiller. At this time, the current is lower than the rated current.

3. The insufficient refrigerant charge will also reduce the evaporation capacity in the evaporator so that the cooling capacity will decrease and the cooling effect of the unit will be poor, and the room temperature or storage temperature will drop slowly or not.

4. If you see that the thermal expansion valve of the chiller is not frosting, and rarely frosting. When there is no condensation and little or no condensate in the air conditioner, it may also be caused by insufficient refrigerant charge.

5. If you see that the evaporator of the water chiller has little or no frost or does not condense, and there is little or no condensate during air-conditioning conditions, the same reason is that the refrigerant is insufficiently charged.

When there is insufficient refrigerant in the water chiller, we should conduct a strict and careful inspection of the entire refrigeration system to determine the specific cause or the location of the leakage, so as to eliminate the fault and replenish the refrigerant in accordance with the regulations to restore the normal operation of the water chiller.


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