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Features of Water-cooled Chiller

Mar. 02, 2020

Chillers are generally used in air-conditioning units and industrial cooling. Generally speaking, water chiller can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled according to the form of refrigeration. Technically, water-cooled energy efficiency is much higher than air-cooled. In terms of price, water-cooled is lower than air-cooled. It is more troublesome. Water cooling requires a cooling tower before it can be used. Air cooling is removable. Installation is simpler and does not require other auxiliary equipment. However, air-cooled chiller only uses fans to dissipate heat, which has certain requirements on the environment. Today the Water Cooled Screw Chiller Factory introduces the features of the water-cooled chiller.

Water-cooled chiller features:

Feature one

1. Small size, large cooling capacity, imported compressors from world famous brands, excellent low temperature performance, reliable and durable.

2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensing effect, stable throttling mechanism, and excellent anti-rust treatment.

3. Large cooling capacity, imported compressors from world famous brands, excellent low temperature performance, reliable and durable.

4. Built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device, low water level automatic alarm, the operator can grasp the water level of the frozen water tank through the control panel. The unique modular design, each compressor system is safe and independent, even if a system has a problem , Will not affect the normal operation of other systems.

Feature two

1. Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precision electric temperature controller, can run smoothly for a long time.

2. The use of high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchangers has the advantages of less cooling loss, easy oil return, and no frost cracking of heat transfer tubes.

3. Japan-US imported high-performance compressor with high EER value, low noise and stable operation.

Feature three

1. The unit has a reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, and small footprint.

2. Low operating costs, improve unit efficiency, improve working conditions, and save unit operating costs.

3. It is safe and reliable, and the temperature and temperature are relatively constant. The heat pump unit operates more reliably and stably, which ensures the efficiency and economy of the system, and requires no special maintenance or operation, and the operation and maintenance costs are minimal.

4. Stable performance, low noise, long service life, thermal factor collection technology reduces unit load and reduces failure rate.

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Feature four

1.Water Cooled Chiller Machine adopts horizontal shell-and-tube condenser and shell-and-tube evaporator. It has the characteristics of simple structure, stable heat exchange, long-lasting efficiency, and convenient maintenance. It has been recognized as the most ideal structure for the central air-conditioning host. composition.

2. The unit control system adopts imported PLC program controller, and the man-machine interface is equipped with a large screen touch screen. The interface is simple and elegant, and the operation is intuitive and simple.

3. The unit has reliable safety protection devices, including: high and low voltage protector, exhaust overheat protector, compressor motor overheat protector, overload current protector, antifreeze temperature protector, water flow protector, emergency stop switch, temperature sensing Fusible plugs, safety valves, etc.

The above are the characteristics of water-cooled chiller introduced by Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturer.

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