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The Difference between Indirect Cooling and Direct Cooling of Anodizing Chiller

Aug. 20, 2020

1. The temperature difference of the standard water chiller is 5 degrees (20 degrees drop 15 degrees) if a 10HP water chiller has a standard chiller flow rate of 5 cubic meters per hour.

2. When you try this chiller, you can't just look at the flow rate of the chiller, but also how much temperature you need. If the temperature you tried was dropped from 28 degrees to 7 degrees, if you try the chiller If the temperature difference is large, then the hourly chilled water flow will be reduced from 3.5 cubic meters to more than one cubic meter. Then if you need 5 cubic meters per hour, you have to choose a larger chiller.

3. When trying out the chiller, it depends on whether you are cooling directly or indirectly. Direct cooling is to feed water directly into the chiller, and the frozen water will directly cool the product you need, so the effect will be better, then Indirect cooling, for example, put water in a basin, put a small basin on top of the basin, and put the product to be cooled in the small basin. This effect will definitely be worse. When you choose a chiller, you must consider this aspect. Industrial water chillers can reduce the waste of water resources, which is of great significance to our country. In addition, equipped with industrial water chillers can improve the molding effect of products, and increase work efficiency can also increase the service life of the machine. If it is a laboratory Or the imported one needs to be equipped with a chiller, and it is a high-precision chiller. Now there are many different types of chillers in the chiller market. It is really not easy to choose a chiller that suits you.

Industrial Water Chiller

There are also some users who use pools for cooling. The disadvantages are:

1. The water quality is poor and it is easy to block the water channel of the machine, causing greater losses.

2. Wastewater resources and increase user costs.

3. When the weather is too hot, the water temperature will not meet the requirements, which will affect the product quality and efficiency.

The above information is provided by water-cooled chiller supplier.

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