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Chiller Equipment Maintenance Knowledge

Jul. 01, 2019

Here is Water Cooled Chiller Factory talking about Chiller equipment maintenance knowledge.

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It can be said that many industrial productions are inseparable from chiller products. In recent years, chiller equipment has gradually become one of the most demanding professional refrigeration equipment in the domestic market. Since chiller equipment can provide the low-temperature environment required for industrial production, industrial production in many industries requires the use of chiller equipment. How should chiller equipment be professionally maintained?

China Automatic Water Cooled Chiller

The professional of air-cooled chiller manufacturers, the maintenance of chiller equipment is very important in its daily use. For the body of all kinds of chiller equipment, it is generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (F.R.P). The surface does not need to be repainted. When it is dirty, wash it with soapy water and then rinse it with water to keep the surface smooth and beautiful.

For the water tray of the chiller equipment, the technicians of the air-cooled chiller manufacturer believe that if there is dirt or algae in the water tray of the chiller equipment, please wash it with water and then discharge it. The water filter at the outlet should also be kept. clean. For the heat sink of the chiller, if the water quality can be kept clean, the heat sink material does not need special maintenance. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there are cracks or damages in the fan blades of the chiller. The tip of the blade should be kept at a certain distance from the inner wall of the wind.

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