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Do you Know the Purchase Tips of Water Heater for Hotel?

Jul. 04, 2019

In the water heater market, all kinds of water heater brands are also very competitive in competition. So what kinds of Water Heater For Hotel is good? How to choose a water heater for hotel?

Water Heater For Hotel

Water Heater For Hotel

1. The choice of liner: stainless steel liner is better and has a long service life, as well as enamel liner, galvanized liner coated with curing resin titanium liner, which is the mainstream product of the electric water heater market, this liner has high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance, horizontal and vertical options.

2. The choice of safety devices: electric water heaters should generally have makeup protection, anti-dry, anti-over-temperature, anti-overpressure devices, high-grade leakage protection and automatic disconnection without water and additional power-off indication function.

3. The choice of insulation effect: the main factors affecting the insulation effect is the thickness of the insulation layer and the density of the insulation material, consumers should try to choose a product with a large thickness of the moisture layer and a high density of insulation materials, according to the manufacturer's product specifications.

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