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Characteristics of Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Jun. 29, 2019

Features of Water Cooled Chiller Machine:

Features of Water Cooled Chiller Machine

1. All pipeline insulation design is to prevent local convection of the pipeline.

2. Cooling temperature range should be 5 ° C -35 ° C.

3. Independent temperature controller antifreeze protection.

4. Stainless steel insulated water tank.

5. Control line phase sequence protection, high and low voltage switch control of refrigerant system.

6. Hydrophilic light finned condenser, better heat transfer effect and faster heat dissipation.

7. Both the compressor and the pump have overload protection.

8. It adopts large-capacity shell and tube evaporator, which has good cooling effect and can be applied to high temperature environment. 9. The refrigerant adopts R22, and the refrigeration effect is good.

10. Optional R407C environmentally friendly refrigerant, closer to nature.

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