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The Principle Of Condenser Refrigeration

Apr. 11, 2019

Today we Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer manufacturers come to summarize The principle of condenser refrigeration.

Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer

1. The evaporative condenser combines the condensation process of the water-cooled condenser and the cooling tower with the water cooling process. It uses cooling water to spread the film outside the heat exchanger into a film. Indirectly snoring with the atmosphere of forced activity, the material being cooled transfers heat to the water film, the water film produces unsaturated evaporation and stops the heat exchange and notification with the atmosphere, and the heat is taken away by the atmosphere.

It stopped two improvements to the traditional cooling method:

First, subtract the notification process of cooling water from the condenser to the cooling tower, indirectly completing the repeated use of water, and saving the pump power consumption;

The second is to change the single-phase cooling fluid to cool the material with sensible heat temperature rise, and the important water is used to remove heat from the subtropical zone.

2. Coil-type evaporative condensers One type of evaporative condenser that is commonly used today is a coil-type evaporative condenser. 

The coil type evaporative condenser sprays the cooling water on the outside of the pipe to form a water film. After the water film and the medium in the tube complete the heat exchanger, the water indirectly smashes with the atmosphere of the rapid movement outside the tube and generates heat and mass exchange, and completes the exchange. The heating process and the heat and water vapor are taken away by the atmosphere. The activity of the atmosphere not only makes the heat exchange process faster, but also because of the rapid activity of the atmosphere, the atmosphere can adhere to the unsaturated state in a fast process, and its heat transfer The driving force of mass transfer is also greater.

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