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What Is The Difference Between Open And Water-Cooled Box Chillers?

May. 28, 2020

Water Chiller Machine For Factory is mainly divided into two types: air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers, which are further subdivided. According to the structure, there are open chillers and sealed chillers. According to the compressor, there are screw chillers. Machine, scroll chiller, piston chiller, etc. So, what is the difference between an open chiller and a water-cooled box chiller? Let's take a look with the Air Cooled Chiller Exporter.

1. Definition of terms: Open chillers and water-cooled box chillers belong to the series of water-cooled chillers. Open chillers are mainly composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, electronic control systems, and freezing accessories. Water-cooled box chillers are composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, water pumps, water tanks, electronic control systems, and freezing accessories. Therefore, it can be seen that the difference between the two is that the water-cooled tank chiller can have a built-in pump and water tank, otherwise it is called an open chiller.

2. Advantage analysis: The water-cooled box chiller has a built-in stainless steel water tank and a pipeline water pump. It has a beautiful appearance and perfect configuration. The main components are protected by a steel body shell. The open chiller does not have its own water tank and water pump. It can be externally connected to the water pump and water tank as needed. The advantage is that the volume of the water tank and the pump head are not limited, which can better meet the needs of different industrial equipment.

3. Installation and configuration: The chiller is mainly used to provide chilled water to products or equipment to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Both chillers need to be equipped with a cooling tower for heat dissipation, but because the water-cooled box chiller has a built-in water tank and water pump, during installation, users only need to connect the chiller to the cooling tower and connect it with tap water to put in use. In addition to the use of cooling towers, open chillers also need to add water pumps and double-layer stainless steel heat preservation water tanks before they can be used.

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