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How To Determine If The Cooler Of A Low Temperature Chiller Is Leaking

Jun. 15, 2020

In some high-temperature environments, low-temperature chillers are required for cooling and cooling. The cooling function of the equipment is inseparable from many accessories. The cooler can enhance the cooling effect of the equipment. However, if the cooler has a leakage problem, the cooling effect of the unit will not be very good. How can we tell if a chiller has a leak? Take a look at the Water Cooled Screw Chiller Manufacturer.

1. Due to the strict requirements of the Water Cooled Chiller Machine on the allowable pressure loss between each section and the inlet temperature, it also determines the particularity of the design and selection of the intercooler. If the intercooler leaks, the gas channel communicates with the cooling water channel, and the direction of its leakage depends on the pressure of the gas and the cooling water.

Modular Type Air Cooled Machine

Modular Type Air Cooled Machine

2. If the intercooler leaks, the cooling water will enter the gas side, and water will be entrained in the gas, which will increase the amount of water blown off by the oil-water separator. According to this phenomenon, the judgment of the intercooler leakage can be made. When the exhaust volume of the low-temperature chiller system decreases, the pressure of the air compressor system begins to increase, and the controller receives the signal of increasing pressure, and then gradually reduces the opening of the intake valve. At this time, the exhaust volume also cooperates. The reduction is, of course, the motor current is also reduced. When the system air consumption increases, the system pressure begins to decrease, and the controller gradually increases the opening of the intake valve when it receives a signal to reduce the pressure. At this time, the exhaust volume of the screw machine also increases to the full output.

The leak of the cooler of the China Industrial Water Chiller must be repaired in time. There are basically signs of leaks. At this time, it is also a time to test our judgment. Follow the above methods to check and prevent leaks.

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