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Water Cooling Scroll Type Chiller

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Product Description

The series water cooled scroll type chiller cooling capacity from 9KW to 120KW. This series units integrates the characteristics of many other products, using imported full-closed scroll compressors, supplemented by high-efficiency heat exchangers and adopts microcomputer controllers, which makes the unit compact, reasonable layout, convenient to use and maintain. It is automatically adjusted according to load changes and is more energy efficient.

Features of chiller:

1. Employing original scroll compressor, compressor may according loading auto-adjust, add level sensor for prevent compressor low-loading to luck-oil, extent use life;

2. Employing all-new imported high class component;

3. Employing two sets of compressor which can be used jointly or independent;

4. Switch control, easy operation and maintenance;

5. The weld of brass pipe is non-oxidization;

6.Condenser and Evaporator both to conform GB150, GB151, TB/T4750-2003,operation safe.


1.Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is renowned for its energy-efficient performance featured by multiple scroll compressors with dual refrigeration circuits implementing high compression force on coolant for instant cooling.

2.Environment friendly with easy installation configured by the filling of the tank with refrigerant having no ozone depletion potential and prevents the environment from global warming by processing the heat collected from industrial application.

3.Has a lower cost of maintenance and energy-efficient heat releasing from processing machines configured by use of city supply chilled water circulation having high heating capacity to absorb heat with again and again circulation, prevents the owner from high expanses.


Commercial applications as hypermarkets, supermarkets, water jets, injection and blow molding, medical labs, hospitals, beverage industry, vacuum coating, pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry, and construction industry.

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Safety system:

1 Compressor reverse protective

2 Freeze protector protective

3 Refrigerant safety valve

4 Buzzer

5 High-pressure gauge and Low-pressure gauge

6 Power phase failure protector

7 Coil over-heat protector

8 Temperature auto-switch

9 Refrigerant shortage protective

Products Parameters

Water cooled scroll type chiller(R-134a)
ComprosserModeFull closed high efficiency flexible scroll compressor
Input power(KW)2.193.494.5556.86.989.1813.6518.2
Rated load current(A)5.49.2511.210.816.718.522.433.644.8
Wiring specification46661010252525
Add unloading way0,100%0,50%,100%0,33%,66%,
CondensorCooling water temp(℃)Inlet temp 30℃/outlet temp 35℃
Cooling water flow(m³/h)
Waterpipe diameter(DN)323240404040505065
EvaporaterFreeze water temp(℃)Inlet temp 12℃/outlet temp 7℃
Freeze water flow(m³/h)1.632.63.513.995.135.197.0210.5314.04
Waterpipe diameter(DN)323232324040405065
SafeguardWater pump protection chain, electric leakage protection, overload protection, overpressure, the power reverse phase, open phase protection, abnormal refrigerant protection, exhaust temperature protection, Lack of water protection, etc.
Units WeightKg240300320340370440560630720


1、Above parameters refrigerating capacity based on the condensation temperature 40℃, evaporation temperature 2℃。

2、Above is my company's industrial water-cooled water chiller parameters, evaporator is shell and tube type, if there is a demand for the built-in bank、non-standard products of water pump, can be designed and manufactured according to the concrete situation.

3、In order to ensure technology constantly updated, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice

4、The specific parameters for non-standard products, welcome consulting our technical department.

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Water Cooling Scroll Type Chiller

Water Cooling Scroll Type Chiller

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