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Which Is Better Air Cooled Chillers or Water Cooled Chillers?

Apr. 14, 2022

Air Cooled Chillers vs. Water Cooled Chillers

When researching a commercial HVAC system for your facility, you have many requirements to consider. As with facilities, chillers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions. Often we are faced with the question, which is better, air-cooled chillers or water-cooled chillers? Which system is the most energy efficient? Here is some information about air-cooled chillers vs water-cooled chillers for you to consider before deciding.

Money Matters

Seriously, money is one of the most important factors when considering what chiller to install. Initially, air-cooled chillers are lower than water-cooled chillers. Why? Water-cooled chillers require cooling towers, condenser pumps, and other related HVAC components. Air-cooled chillers do not require any of these additional components.

Many people find that water cooled chillers are more efficient. If you look at compressor costs, this is very true. However, depending on the technology in your system, an air-cooled chiller may be a better choice when considering overall operating costs.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

 Air Cooled Screw Chiller   

Why choose an air-cooled chiller?

Air-cooled chillers have condensers that are cooled by ambient air. This is all that is necessary. Therefore, these are perfect for small or medium-sized installations. In some applications, space is also an important consideration. Meaning, the location where you intend to install the physical unit. Air-cooled chillers tend to utilize open spaces, such as parking lots, rooftops or ground level areas. The unit requires less functional space. Water-cooled chillers require a large physical space to install, including a mechanical room and a place for a cooling tower.

Why choose a water-cooled chiller?

If noise is the main issue, then water-cooled chillers are the way to go. They are much quieter. Noisy HVAC machines can be annoying, especially in buildings occupied by doctors' offices, call centers or other business offices. They're also popular in places where air recirculation is inadequate. Any obstruction can adversely affect the performance of an air-cooled chiller. Therefore, if you find that restricted airflow is a problem, consider a water-cooled chiller.

Water-cooled chillers are installed in buildings and are therefore protected by the components and have an extended life. Sometimes, it is the only option for larger installations and can provide better energy efficiency. Low pressure water coolers can significantly reduce emissions over the life of the system (compared to high pressure centrifugal chillers).

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

 Water Cooled Screw Chiller      

Which is better?

There is no single answer to this question. Water-cooled chillers offer longer life, higher efficiency, greater capacity and refrigerant containment. Air-cooled chillers are less efficient, but are getting better with advances in technology, lower maintenance costs and fewer installations. If you have specific questions about air-cooled chillers versus water-cooled chillers for your facility, please contact Huazhao.

Where To Buy Chillers?

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