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What Do You Know about Chillers?

Dec. 15, 2020

The chiller is the refrigeration source and "heart" of the central air conditioner. The circulating water to each room is "internally exchanged" by the chiller, and the temperature is reduced to "cooling water". It consists of a refrigerator, cooling water circulation system, chilled water circulation system, fan coil system, and cooling tower.

The working principle of the chiller

The refrigerator compresses the refrigerant into a liquid state through the compressor, and then sends it to the evaporator for heat exchange with chilled water. The chilled water is refrigerated. The chiller pump sends the chilled water to the cooling coils of the air outlets of each fan. purpose. The evaporated refrigerant releases heat in the condenser into a gaseous state, the cooling pump sends the cooling water to the cooling tower, and the water tower fan sprays and cools it, exchanges heat with the atmosphere and radiates the heat to the atmosphere go with.


The external heat exchange system consists of two circulating water systems

1. Chilled water circulation system:

It consists of a refrigeration pump and a frozen water pipeline. The chilled water flowing out of the chiller is pressurized by the chilled pump and sent into the chilled water pipeline, and heat exchange is carried out in the room to take away the heat in the room, which is the temperature drop in the room.

2. Cooling water circulation system:

It is composed of a cooling pump, cooling water pipeline, and cooling tower. The water chiller performs heat exchange, while cooling the water temperature, it will release a lot of heat. This heat is absorbed by the cooling water and the temperature of the cooling water increases. The cooling pump presses the heated cooling water into the cooling tower to exchange heat with the atmosphere in the cooling tower, and then sends the cooled cooling water back to the chiller. Such continuous circulation takes away the heat released by the chiller.

Classification of chiller fans

Indoor fan: installed in the room that needs to be cooled, used to blow air cooled by the chilled water into the room to accelerate the heat exchange in the room.

Cooling tower fan: It is used to reduce the water temperature of the cooling tower and accelerate the heat that is brought back by the "return water" to the atmosphere.


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