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What Do You Know about Air Cooled Chiller?

Jan. 11, 2021

The chiller refrigeration system consists of four basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttle and evaporator. The four major parts are connected by copper pipes in a certain order to form a closed system, and the system is charged with a certain amount of refrigerant.

The role of industrial chillers is mainly to provide chilled water to various industries to cool down the equipment, to improve the accuracy of the product, improve the role of production efficiency. After the user has purchased and installed the industrial chiller, it is time to observe its actual operation. So what are the operating parameters of the industrial chiller? Its operating parameters are mainly voltage, current, power, temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, concentration, etc.

Air Cooled Heat Pump

Voltage: The supply voltage must be in line with the equipment voltage, too high or too low will affect the safe operation of the chiller.

Current: There are industrial chillers nameplate current and the actual operating current.

Power: the power consumption of the industrial chiller operation power.

Temperature: The temperature of the industrial chiller has evaporator temperature, condensing temperature, compressor suction temperature, compressor discharge temperature, intermediate temperature, subcooling temperature of the refrigerant before the throttle valve, compressor oil temperature in the crankcase, cooling water temperature, chilled water temperature, etc.

Pressure: The pressure of industrial chiller includes evaporating pressure, condensing pressure, intermediate pressure, cooling water pressure, chilled water pressure, lubricating oil pressure, etc.

Flow: refrigerant flow, cooling water flow, chilled water flow, etc.

Liquid level: oil level and refrigerant level in the crankcase.


1. Employing original SCROLL compressor, compressor may according loading auto-adjust, add level sensor for prevent compressor low-loading to luck-oil, extent use life

2. Employing all-new imported high class component

3. Employing two sets of compressor which can be used jointly or independent

4. Switch control, easy operation and maintenance

5. The weld of brass pipe is non-oxidization

6.Condenser and Evaporator both to conform GB150, GB151, TB/T4750-2003,operation safe


The series modular air cooled chiller cooling capacity from 7KW to 120KW. This series units integrates the characteristics of many other products, using imported full-closed scroll compressors,supplemented by high-efficiency heat exchangers and adopts microcomputer controllers, which makes the unit compact, reasonable layout, convenient to use and maintain. The user just need simply connect the pipeline of the water system and the required power supply,then can put into operation.

This series of chillers is widely used: it can provide process chilled water for industrial and mining enterprises such as textile, chemical and petroleum. The manufacturing technology of this product is mature and stable and reliable.

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