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Factors That Cause The Cooling Performance Of Water-cooled Chiller To Decrease

Dec. 23, 2019

Refrigerators are increasingly used in various industries around us. Their main role is to provide industrial cooling water for equipment or products, and use Water Cooled Chiller Machine to reduce temperature, which not only improves production efficiency. It also reduces production costs. The good performance of water-cooled chiller is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: It is very reasonable in energy consumption during operation. When the unit is in use, the overall energy efficiency ratio is high, the energy adjustment is flexible, and it can be changed according to the actual needs of users. It can save energy.

2. Convenient operation: Assemble and assemble according to the size of the load, the unit's appearance design is simple, and multiple modules are combined to run. When some modules are under maintenance, the entire refrigeration unit system can still be operated, and maintenance and maintenance can be realized without stopping.

3. Good operating environment: Because the unit uses a fully enclosed scroll / piston compressor to run smoothly, and the assembly of effective vibration and noise reduction devices, the bad impact on the surrounding environment is significantly improved. The compressor has the advantages of reliable performance, low failure rate, and insensitivity to wet compression. It ensures that the water-cooled industrial chiller can run in a long-term safe and stable state, creating a good working environment for the majority of users.

4. Multiple protection devices: This product has multiple protection devices, if there is a problem with the machine. The built-in protection device will be automatically opened, which greatly protects the daily wear and tear of the machine.

In the face of abnormal problems of chiller, we must deal with them in time. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning during daily use to effectively increase the service life of the equipment. What should I do? The following Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier will come to tell you.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Supplier

1. Some of these factors are impurities in the water source of the water-cooled cooler. These impurities accumulate and adhere to the pipes between various equipment for a long time, resulting in a small water flow rate. Therefore, the pipes between the equipment to be cleaned;

2. For chiller, all chiller must be tested before leaving the factory to ensure the normal operation of the unit. If the indoor temperature cannot be reduced during the first use, the water-cooled chiller may not be suitable;

3. When using a cold water cooler for the first time, do not lower the temperature. Another reason is that there is a small problem between the water-cooled cooler and the cooling water tower, the circulating water pump and the pipeline, which needs to be carefully checked according to the installation drawing;

4. If the cooling performance of the water-cooled water cooler is reduced for half a year or one year, the following problems may occur: The heat exchanger of the water-cooled water cooler is too dirty. It is recommended to clean the heat exchanger (finned heat exchanger). Or shell heat exchanger). It should be cleaned regularly after use; the refrigerator in the refrigeration system has Freon leakage, it is recommended to find the leak point, welding place, refrigerant; it may be that the temperature of the chiller is too bad, too high or too low, making the chiller unable to meet the claims. In this case, you can only choose a larger water-cooled cooler to meet the requirements.

Faced with the cooling performance of water-cooled chiller, if the user does not have professional maintenance personnel, the cooling performance should not be handled, but the Water Cooled Chiller Supplier should be contacted to arrange professional technicians, or find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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