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Several Key Points of Water Pipe for Refrigerating Unit

Sep. 04, 2020

After many customers purchase the required industrial water chiller, they often ignore some basic aspects of the refrigeration unit water pipe during the installation and construction process. Today, a few key points of the construction, installation, and purchase of the refrigeration unit water pipe are briefly explained.

Everyone knows that many plastic products factories, mold cooling in the plastics industry, electroplating tank cooling in the electroplating industry, ultrasonic cleaning fluid cooling, various cooling in the chemical industry, various cooling in the food industry, and many other industries will be useful for refrigeration units, so how do you get the right pipes after you buy a refrigeration unit?

I want to tell you some simple methods for selecting water pipes for refrigeration units. Hope to be of some help to my friends:

1. Pay attention to the heat preservation and moisture prevention of the water pipes. The heat preservation of the inlet and outlet pipes of the refrigeration unit must be properly wrapped to ensure coldness and moisture prevention.

Industrial Water Chiller

2. If the ice water piping of the refrigeration unit adopts a closed-loop type, an expansion tank should be installed in order to buffer the expansion or contraction of the water volume caused by the change of water temperature and isolate the influence of the makeup water pressure on the water piping.

3. The refrigeration unit should avoid air being trapped in the pipe, and install an automatic exhaust valve at the highest point of the water pipe.

4. Please install anti-vibration hoses for the water piping entry and exit of the refrigeration unit to reduce the vibration of the body from being transmitted to each room through the water pipe.

5. It is best to install a thermometer at each inlet and outlet of the water piping of the refrigerating unit to facilitate inspection during operation.

6. The water inlet and outlet piping accessories of the refrigerating unit or condenser should be equipped with a connection socket so that the industrial refrigerator can be easily separated from the water piping during future maintenance.

7. Please pay attention to the construction details before the inlet and outlet pipes of the refrigeration unit.

For more things about the water pipe of the refrigeration unit, you can actually do a good job by paying more attention. The water-cooled chiller factory hopes that customers will be careful during the installation and construction of the chiller, and pay attention to correct installation, so as to reduce and reduce the frequency of subsequent maintenance and repair and the difficulty of replacement.

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