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The Requirements of Air-Cooled Chillers for Ambient Temperature

Aug. 06, 2020

Air-cooled chillers are currently experiencing rising temperatures in various places, which is a test and suffering for both the chiller and us. In such a high-temperature situation, some refrigeration equipment will also have a series of problems. Therefore, at this time we should do more inspection and maintenance work. And it is necessary to grasp what requirements the chiller unit has on the ambient temperature. Solving this problem is very good for machine maintenance.

Air-Cooled Chiller

Advantages of air-cooled chillers:

By sucking in cold air by itself and discharging hot air to dissipate heat, there is no need to connect a cooling tower, and there is no restriction of circulating water pipelines, easy to install, and convenient to move. Disadvantages are high requirements for surrounding environmental conditions, requiring good peripheral air circulation, unreliable wall installation, and a distance of more than 2.5m away from the wall. Air-cooled chillers, air-cooled screw chillers, industrial chillers, etc. are all used in different production workshops or working environments. Every product here has requirements for the temperature of the environment. Under normal circumstances, we will place the unit in different locations. If there are some units, we will often put them indoors, while another part will be placed outdoors. At this time, we have to choose an appropriate location according to different indoor and outdoor temperatures. Requirements for the air-conditioning temperature in the indoor air conditioner of the chiller: It is better than the normal indoor temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the temperature is still running, the chiller may be operating under overload conditions. The condensing temperature and exhaust temperature of the refrigeration system will rise, which may also cause the electric protector to operate, cut off the power supply, and affect the operation of the chiller. The service life has an impact. The ambient temperature requirements of outdoor chillers: The ambient temperature of outdoor chillers is below 35 degrees Celsius. The chiller must ensure normal operation and reach the cooling capacity and other indicators marked on the product tag. When the ambient temperature is within the range of 35 to 43 degrees Celsius, the air conditioning unit can operate, but the cooling capacity marked on the tag cannot be guaranteed. When it is already operating at full load, the condensing temperature, pressure, and exhaust temperature are all quite high. If the indoor unit has high heat, the electronic control protector may act, cut off the power supply, and stop running. When the outdoor temperature exceeds 43 degrees Celsius, the chiller is in overload operation, which will cause the action of the electronic control protection device, cut off the power supply, and stop running.

Knowing these issues, we can better operate different types of refrigeration equipment. As an air cooled chiller manufacturer, the quality of the products we manufacture is the most trusted product for users.


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