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Method For Debugging Screw Chiller

Jul. 05, 2024

The operating conditions of the Industrial Water Chiller refrigeration system are good or bad, which has a great impact on the chiller. The purpose of adjusting the main parameters of a refrigeration system is to adjust each parameter so that it operates under the most reasonable conditions. Especially for those screw chiller units with larger power, the debugging work is not done well, which will directly affect the later refrigeration effect.

(1) Charge of refrigerant. At present, refrigeration units are generally charged with refrigerant in accordance with regulations before leaving the factory. After installation on site, if no accidental damage is found in the visual inspection, the relevant valve can be opened directly for commissioning.

(2) Some screw chiller units, such as Water Cooled Screw Chiller, need to be filled with refrigerant at the user's site. The refrigerant charge and refrigerant brand must be in accordance with regulations. Insufficient refrigerant charge. Insufficient cooling capacity. Too much refrigerant charge will not only increase costs, but may also have an adverse effect on the energy consumption of industrial chiller operation.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

(3) Before filling the industrial chiller with refrigerant, sufficient refrigerant should be prepared in advance. When filling, it can be filled directly from the special filling valve.

(4) Commissioning of refrigeration system. After the refrigerant charging is completed (if refrigerant charging is required), load debugging can be performed. If there is any problem with the electronic control system, it can be resolved in time. Finally, power on the host computer for debugging.

In addition, if the screw chiller is not properly maintained, sometimes it will cause some small problems or shorten the service life of the screw chiller. Therefore, we must maintain the screw chiller. The following Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1.Screw compressor

Screw compressor is a very important component in the unit. The quality of the compressor is directly related to the stability of the unit.

2. Calibration of safety valve

According to regulations, a safety valve should be installed on the high-pressure side of the unit, that is, the condenser body. Once the unit is in an abnormal working environment, the safety valve can automatically release the pressure to prevent possible high-pressure injuries to humans. Therefore, the regular verification of the safety valve is very important for the safety of the entire unit.

3. Charging of refrigerant

If there are no other special reasons, the general unit will not produce a large number of leaks. If a certain amount of refrigerant leaks due to improper use or after maintenance, you need to add refrigerant again. When filling refrigerant, pay attention to the brand of refrigerant used by the unit.

4. Drying filter replacement

Dry filter is an important part to ensure the normal circulation of refrigerant. Because water and refrigerant are incompatible with each other, if the system contains moisture, it will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the unit. Therefore, it is very important to keep the interior of the system dry. The filter element inside the drying filter must be replaced regularly.

5. Change lubricant

After long-term use of the screw chiller, the oil quality of the lubricating oil will deteriorate, and the impurities and moisture inside the oil will increase, affecting the cooling effect of the chiller. Therefore, the oil quality should be regularly observed and checked. Once the problem is found, it should be replaced in time, and the oil grade to be replaced must conform to the technical data.

6. Condenser and evaporator cleaning

Since the cooling water of the water-cooled condenser is an open circulation circuit, tap water is generally recycled through a cooling tower.

The above is about the debugging method of screw chiller, I hope to help everyone.

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