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Why Is The Industrial Freezer Not Cooled?

Jun. 19, 2019

Here is China Automatic Water Cooled Chiller manufacturer talking about Why is the industrial freezer not cooled.

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Aluminum Industry Water Chiller

The technicians of industrial refrigerator manufacturers believe that the phenomenon that industrial refrigeration equipment is not cooled can be caused by different reasons. Generally speaking, the most common type of snow is not enough, or it is improperly operated. It may also be because the chiller has more machines, insufficient power, and too high ambient temperature. This is one of the industrial refrigeration equipment that is not cooled. Common reasons.

In addition, if there is no refrigeration in the industrial refrigerator equipment, the cause of the failure can be considered from other aspects. Sometimes, the condenser of the industrial refrigerator equipment is not cleaned for a long time. The condenser is one of the basic components of the chiller, and most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions, acid carbonates and other impurities. In addition, oxygen dissolved in the cooling water can also cause corrosion of the metal to form rust. The heat transfer effect of the condenser is reduced. As a result, there is no refrigeration.

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