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How To Prevent Noise Of Industrial Chillers?

Jul. 27, 2019

In actual operation, there are not many phenomena that the noise generated by the screw-type chiller refrigeration compressor exceeds the normal standard. Today, Water Chilling Machine Manufacturer introduces some effective measures for vibration reduction and noise reduction.

Custom Water Cooled Chiller

Custom Water Cooled Chiller

1. The industrial chiller compressor on-site dynamic balance method reduces power frequency vibration.

2. Correct the coaxiality of the motor shaft and the compressor spindle to reduce vibration.

3. Replace different types of flexible couplings to reduce the noise of industrial chillers.

4. Fasten parts, improve assembly clearance, reduce bearing vibration, reduce machine noise. The screw chiller refrigeration compressor of an oilfield sluice is in poor working condition and has a fault.

The main cause of the abnormality in the operation sound is that the compressor fastening bolt is loose, the coupling between the compressor and the motor is poor, and the rotor is not operating properly. By checking the tightness of the fastening bolts to the specified value, adjusting the centering of the coupling, replacing the worn parts, adjusting the assembly clearance within the specified value range, the industrial chiller operates normally.

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