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How to choose the load-bearing ground when installing the refrigeration equipment?

Mar. 13, 2019

If a company wants to use a chiller, it must first purchase and install a chiller. In the process of installing the chiller, it will encounter certain troubles. As is well known, because the weight of the refrigerator is relatively heavy, the installation process is also more difficult. When installing the refrigerant, the enterprise must first consider the lifting problem. It should be known that some medium and large refrigerators cannot be manpowered. For unloading and moving, equipment such as lifting machines must be used. In addition to considering hoisting, the selection and refurbishment of the installation and load-bearing area of the chiller are also very important.

For the refrigerator to choose to install the load-bearing ground, it is necessary to consider the space independent, no debris around, heat dissipation and ventilation conditions, avoiding the sun and rain, the environment is not too humid, and the load-bearing ground is easy to be refurbished.

The chiller is only a few tens of kilograms, and the weight is hundreds of kilograms or even tons. Therefore, when selecting the load-bearing ground for the refrigerator, it must be in place to avoid the need to transfer later because of the unreasonable selection of the load-bearing ground. This will not only require hoisting and moving again, but also the need to renovate the new chiller load-bearing ground. For the enterprise, it will also affect normal production, which is not worth the candle.

Space needs to be independent. It is to install the refrigerator in a separate machine room as much as possible, and not share the machine room with other machines and equipment. Otherwise, the cooling effect of the refrigerator will be reduced to some extent.

Of course, there must be no debris blocking around the load-bearing area of the refrigerator. Otherwise, it will definitely affect the cooling and cooling effect, and the refrigerator should be installed in a place where sunlight, rain and shelter are avoided. Standard machine room, and to ensure that the environment is not damp, it is best to have ground loading conditions and load-bearing areas that do not require excessive dressing.

Renovation of the load-bearing ground of the chiller: First, the load-bearing ground should be refurbished to a level ground, but the requirements of the chiller for installing the foundation are not only to level the ground, but also to be sturdy.

That is to say, the refurbishment of the refrigerant installation load-bearing place by the enterprise not only needs to consider the flatness, but also needs to consider the sturdiness, that is, the sturdiness and the flatness, and integrates the above-mentioned chiller installation load-bearing ground. The choice is to provide a sturdy, flat, and environmentally friendly "home" for the chiller.

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