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How to Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Dec. 03, 2020

The heat pump water heater is a high-efficiency heat energy promotion and transfer device based on the reversed Carnot cycle. It uses a small amount of electric energy as power and refrigerant as a carrier to continuously absorb low-taste heat energy in the air and convert it into Using the high-grade heat energy, the high-grade heat energy is released into the water that needs to be heated to produce domestic hot water, which is then delivered to the user through the hot water pipeline.

It can transfer heat from low-temperature heat sources (such as air, soil, seawater, groundwater, etc.) to the water that needs to be heated to achieve the function of heating the water.

How to choose a heat pump water heater?

1. Choose a brand. Heat pump water heaters (heaters) are generally used as durable consumer goods. When a failure occurs during use, consumers need the manufacturer to provide after-sales service to inspect, repair, or replace parts. A product manufacturer with a certain well-known brand has a complete set of the quality management system, has a good product quality assurance ability, and its products have certain guarantees in terms of performance and safety. When purchasing, you can go to a large home appliance sales mall to purchase products, which can provide long-term and excellent after-sales service.

Water Cooled Scroll Type Heat Pump Water Heater

2. Determine ability. When purchasing heat pump water heater (heater) products, the capacity of the heat pump water heater (heater) is generally selected according to the heating capacity. Give a simple calculation method for the production of water and heat capacity of a domestic heat pump water heater:

Example: According to the national standard of household appliances, in an environment of 20°C dry bulb/15°C wet bulb, 200L of water is heated from 15°C to 55°C and then shut down. The total cumulative heating time is 120min.

It can calculate the heating capacity (that is, the capacity of producing hot water) Q=4.18*200*(55-15)/120/60=4.64kw.

When purchasing, the capacity of the heat pump water heater (heater) can be selected according to the purpose, the size of the family, and the water consumption habits.

3. Choose a high energy efficiency ratio. The energy efficiency label is pasted on the surface of the heat pump water heater (heater) product. In the energy efficiency label, there are 4 parameters: energy efficiency level, coefficient of performance, heating capacity, heating power consumption. The energy efficiency grade is divided into 1 to 5, the highest is 1 and the lowest is 5. In daily use, the significance of a high energy efficiency ratio is to use less electrical energy to obtain a good heating effect. The energy-saving effect of the heat pump water heater (heater) with a high energy efficiency ratio is very significant.

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