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How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

Dec. 03, 2021

A heat pump water heater is an energy efficient way to meet your domestic hot water needs and can complement any heat pump used for space heating. This type of water heater can be thought of as an air source heat pump that extracts ambient heat from the surrounding air and circulates the heat within the pump to further increase the temperature.


A heat pump water heater is two to three times more efficient than an electric water heater because it moves heat around rather than generating it itself. The efficiency of air source water heaters depends on the quality of the system, the calibre of the installation, the average temperature of the climate and the location of the compressor unit.


There are two types of heat pump water heaters.

Split systems: the tank and compressor are separate - just like an air conditioning system.

Integrated units: compressor and tank are placed together. The whole system is usually installed outdoors.

Air Source Vortex Type Heat Pump Water Heater

 Air Source Vortex Type Heat Pump Water Heater


How does a heat pump water heater work?

A heat pump water heater uses electricity to draw in the surrounding air, which is circulated by a pump to raise the temperature and then poured into a tank for domestic hot water.


Essentially, a heat pump water heater works on a similar principle to a refrigerator, but in reverse. Instead of drawing in hot air from the inside and dumping it outside, a vortex water heater draws in ambient air from the outside and heats it up inside.


A heat pump water heater is more efficient than an electric water heater because it does not use electricity to generate heat - whereas an electric water heater does so. Instead, it takes in heat from the outside and then uses electricity to circulate the heat, eventually transferring it to the water.


This type of air source heat pump water heater produces condensation in the process and you will need to install a condensate drainage system (which can also be a condensate pump).

Air Source Vortex Type Heat Pump Water Heater

 Air Source Vortex Type Heat Pump Water Heater     

Is a heat pump water heater worth the money?

Carefully designed and installed air source water heaters consume less energy than ordinary electric cylinders, making them a worthwhile investment for your home. Heat pump water heaters can work in areas where solar water heaters fail because they don't require a lot of contact with the sun, such as the south side of a mountain.


If you choose the right heat pump water system, it can also provide you with 'central heating'.  The water heater pump for house do this by pumping warm water from the tank around the underfloor heating pipework. Other heat pump systems can also be used to heat hot tubs, spas or swimming pools at a better cost than ordinary electric heaters.


In the long term, there is significant growth in heat pumps. There is no doubt that it will take longer to install a heat pump, but from an environmental and economic point of view, it is considered a good investment in the long run.


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