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Failure Of Water-cooled Chiller

Jan. 06, 2020

Water-cooled chiller is a device installed in the open air, which is more susceptible to the influence of outdoor environment. Today, the supplier of China Industrial Water Chiller will introduce some common faults of water-cooled chiller and their treatment methods.

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine group's common faults and their causes and processing methods are as follows:

(1) Compressor starts and stops more frequently: it may cause too much or too little refrigerant to cause the pressure protection switch to operate, the exhaust pressure is too high or the suction pressure is too low, and the water system is not circulating well, and the evaporator surface is frosted .

Treatment method: When it is determined that there is too much refrigerant, excess refrigerant can be released at the exhaust port. If it is insufficient, check for fluorine leakage and make up the refrigerant. Check the water circulation system for blockage or air, and exhaust it. If the amount of circulating water is too small, an open chilled water circulation system can be used.

(2) When the compressor is running, the noise is large: it should be checked whether the expansion valve fails, the temperature pack is separated from the compressor suction pipe, and the liquid refrigerant is returned to the compressor. If it is damaged, it should be repaired. If the compressor is damaged, it should be replaced.

(3) Insufficient cooling capacity: The reasons for insufficient cooling capacity may be insufficient refrigerant, low evaporation temperature, poor cooling effect of the pipeline, poor heat dissipation of the condenser of the unit, and excessive resistance of the water circulation system.

When processing, check the refrigerant pipeline for leaks and make up the refrigerant after repairing; repair the cold insulation layer; clean the condenser to check whether the fan runs normally; clean the pipeline filter to make the system circulate smoothly.

(4) Frost on the compressor suction pipe: the system may be poorly drained or the chilled water flow is too large, and the system pipe is blocked and the flow is too small. The pipes should be cleared and air vented.

(5) Condensation pressure is too high: When there is too much refrigerant; the outside air temperature is too high to make the unit poorly ventilated; when there is air or non-condensable gas in the refrigerant system, the condensation pressure will be too high.

Treatment methods: discharge excess refrigerant; adjust and improve the ventilation environment around the unit (such as setting up a sun awning, etc.); open the exhaust eyes to exhaust.

(6) Condensation pressure is too low: the refrigerant may be insufficient or the compressor may be damaged. Check for leaks during handling. Replenish the refrigerant after repairing and inspect the compressor. Replace if damaged.

(7) Excessive suction pressure: too much refrigerant, too much heat load. Improper adjustment of the expansion valve may cause excessive suction pressure.

Treatment method: discharge excess refrigerant, reduce the amount of frozen water, reduce the heat load, and readjust the opening degree of the expansion valve.

(8) The suction pressure is too low: the refrigerant may be insufficient; the expansion valve opening is too small; the equipment pipeline in the water system is blocked and other reasons. You can check for leaks, replenish the refrigerant after repairing, and adjust or replace the expansion valve.

The above are some of the failures of the water-cooled chiller introduced by Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer. Hope to help you.

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