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Low Temperature Glycol Water Cooled Chiller

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Product Description

A glycol water chiller is a chilling system that uses a percentage of glycol mixed with water to create extremely low temperatures far beyond the freezing point of water. The two types of glycol are ethylene glycol based or propylene glycol based. The antifreeze nature of glycol ensures that the coolant remains in a fluid state in order to reach its low cooling points. 

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Features of Glycol Water Chiller

   1. Employing original double SCREW compressor, Compressor may according loading auto-adjust, add level sensor for prevent compressor low-loading to luck-oil, extent use life

   2. Employing all-new imported high class component

   3. Employing two sets of compressor which can be used jointly or independent

   4. Switch control, easy operation and maintenance

   5. The weld of brass pipe is non-oxidization

   6.Condenser and Evaporator both to conform GB150, GB151, TB/T4750-2003,operation safe

Benefits of Glycol Water Chiller

1.Safety Advantage

One of the common concerns to refrigeration systems is the fear of leaks that can raise temperatures and destroy crops. This particular factor is non-existent with glycol chillers since glycol has inhibitors that make a system resistant to corrosion, scales, and rust, which can cause leaks and damage pipes.

2.Chiller Maintenance

Adding to the safety features of a glycol chiller is its low maintenance. Glycol chillers can store products and keep them cool for long hours without the need for any form of costly maintenance. The system can last for years without falling apart or requiring maintenance while providing exceptional performance.

3.Economizer Feature

The economizer feature on glycol chillers is designed to take advantage of cold air. When the ambient temperature is correct for the chiller, a control switch turns off the compressor and uses the chilled environmental air for cooling purposes. The economizer feature blends enough of the ambient air to meet the thermostats setpoint. This is a money saving device built into most glycol chillers.

4.Low Temperatures

Glycol chillers operate at temperatures far below the freezing point of water, which can be controlled by altering the glycol mixture percentages. A 10% ethylene glycol mixture will freeze at 26o F, while a 60% mixture has a freezing temperature of - 60o F. The antifreeze properties of glycol ensures that the coolant remains in a continuous fluid condition.

5.Cost Savings

A glycol chiller unit can cost less than half of the cost of a self contained refrigeration unit since it involves purchasing a single glycol chiller instead of several separate ones. The chiller compressor cools the glycol and water without the need for other components or mechanisms. Get a quote.

Safety system:

   1  Compressor reverse protective 

   2  Freeze protector protective 

   3  Refrigerant safety valve 

   4  Buzzer

   5  High-pressure gauge and Low-pressure gauge 

   6  Power phase failure protector 

   7  Coil over-heat protector 

   8  Temperature auto-switch 

   9  Refrigerant shortage protective

Low Temperature Glycol Water Cooled Chiller


Low Temperature Glycol Water Cooled Chiller(-15℃)

Power 50HZ3P-380V-50HZ
Input power(KW)67.381.794.9108.5120.6138.9154.1163.6184
control modeThermal expansion valve
ComprosserModeSemi-closed double screw
Working styleY-Δ/Δ-Δ
CondensorModeEfficient external thread shell and tube type
Cooling water In 30℃/Out 35℃
Cooling water flow (m³/h)38.345.654.262.870.582.190.396.8108.6
Pressure loss (Kpa)555555585858585861
waterpipe sizeDN100DN100DN100DN100DN100DN125DN125DN125DN125
EvaporatermodeEfficient internal thread shell and tube type
Freeze water In -10℃/Out -15℃
Freeze water flow (m³/h)3642.850.95966.377.284.890.9102
Pressure loss (Kpa)525555585858586161
waterpipe sizeDN100DN100DN100DN100DN100DN125DN125DN125DN125
SafeguardHigh and low pressure protection,exhaust overheating protection, safety valve,antifreezing  protection,current protection,
electric leakage protection,compressor thermal protection,over current protection,fault phase protection,Oil level protection etc.
Units WeightKg210022802450251027502860294036004200


1.Refrigerating capacity nominal conditions of condenser water inlet temperature 30℃,water outlet temperature 35℃,evaporator water inlet temperature -10℃,water outlet temperature -15℃    

2.In order to ensure technology constantly updated, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice    

3.This unit can be customized heat recovery according to the customer request,hot recycled is 25%-30% of unit refrigerating capacity,indicate the hot recycled in custom units.The highest hot water temperature of the heat recovery up to 55 degrees.    

Glycol Water Chiller Applications

Glycol chillers are most used for chemical processing,pharmaceutical formulation, food and beverage processing.

1.Breweries:Cooling the Wort,Controlling Fermentation,Crash Cooling Vessels,Prepackaging,Product Storage

2.Wineries:,Fermentation Process,Cold Stabilization,Room Cooling

3.Cider Mills:Fermentation Control,Cold Chilling the Juice,Cold Storage of the Final Product

4.Distilleries:Fermentation Process,Circulation Between Distillation Tanks & Stills,Heat Removal

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