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Hard Anodized Dedicated Water Cooled Chiller

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The series water chiller adopts efficient semi-closed screw compressor. the compressor adopts a 5:6 asymmetric high-efficiency screw rotor, which is graded or steplessly energy regulated. It is automatically adjusted according to load changes and is more energy efficient. The unit heat exchanger adopts high-efficiency heat exchange tube to improve the refrigeration efficiency, and the unit is equipped with multiple protections to make the unit operate safely and reliably.

Application areas:

Widely used in the process cooling of petrochemical, machinery, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. Cooling of the plating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool coolant.


1. It adopts imported high-efficiency economizer semi-closed twin-screw compressor with high energy efficiency, reliable operation and long service life.

2. Adopt microcomputer controller, touch screen display, the screen can display the unit running status at any time, and can be displayed in two ways of graphical and text table parameters, at a glance. At the same time, it has a fault inquiry function, which is convenient for maintenance inspection.

3. Multiple protection functions: compressor exhaust over temperature, motor over temperature, cold water antifreeze and other temperature protection; over current, phase loss, reverse equal electrical protection; refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, water and other state protection.

4. Select the thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve and other control components of international famous brands to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the unit within a wide range of working conditions.

5. After the machine has passed the comprehensive inspection and the full-load operation test, it will be shipped with the refrigerant to ensure that the equipment can work after the water and electricity are in place.

Cooling Capacity
(nominal conditions)
Power 50HZ3P-380V-50HZ
Input power(KW)177.8202.6223.2286.4348.4392.4
control modeElectronic expansion valve
ComprosserModeSemi-closed double screw
Working styleY-Δ/Δ-Δ
Capacity0,12.5%, 25%,37.5%, 50%,62.5%, 75%,87.5%, 100%
CondensorModeEfficient external thread shell and tube type
Cooling waterIn 30℃/Out 35℃
Cooling water flow (m³/h)147.9159.5176.3233.1265.7322.5
Pressure loss (Kpa)555555585858
waterpipe sizeDN100×2DN125×2DN125×2DN125×2DN150×2DN150×2
EvaporatermodeAcid and alkali resistant efficient internal thread shell and tube type
Freeze waterIn -3℃/Out -5℃
Freeze water flow (m³/h)294.9318351.5464.6529.7642.9
Pressure loss (Kpa)525555585858
waterpipe sizeDN250DN250DN250DN300DN300DN300
SafeguardHigh and low pressure protection,exhaust overheating protection, safety valve,antifreezing protection,current protection,
electric leakage protection,compressor thermal protection,over current protection,fault phase protection,Oil level protection etc.


1、Refrigerating capacity nominal conditions of condenser water inlet temperature 30℃, water outlet temperature 35℃, evaporator water inlet temperature -3℃, water outlet temperature -5℃

2、In order to ensure technology constantly updated, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice

3、This unit can be customized heat recovery according to the customer request, hot recycled is 25%-30% of unit refrigerating capacity, indicate the hot recycled in custom units. The highest hot water temperature of the heat recovery up to 55 ℃.

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