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Air Source Vortex Type Heat Pump Water Heater

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Product Description

Air source vortex type heat pump hot water heater (60degree)
Heating capacityKW193570
Input power(KW)4.58.617.2
Current (A)815.430.7
Freezing mediumR22
Control modeElectronic expansion valve
ComprosserModeScroll compressor
Working styleDirect start
Hot water systemModeHigh efficiency tank heat exchanger
Hot water capacity (L/H)4077501500
Hot water circulation(m3/h)3.3612
Max outlet temperature606060
Hot water pipeDN25DN40DN50
FanModeEfficient axial flow fan
waterpipeSide of the windSide of the windUp of the wind
Units WeightKg160293860

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