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Features Of Water Cooled Scroll Type Heat Pump

Jun. 27, 2019

Features of Water Cooled Scroll Type Heat Pump:

1. Environmental protection.

2. Energy efficient, the average energy efficiency ratio can be 4.5 or more.

3. Adopt international brand compressor, the system stable and reliable.

Features Of Water Cooled Scroll Type Heat Pump

4. Safe and reliable, the full realization of water separation, eliminating security risks.

5. Electronic expansion valve throttle, adjust the range more accurate.

6. The hot side of the highly efficient anti-corrosion heat exchanger.

7. Hot water special casing condenser, applicable to a wide range of water quality, easy expansion plugging, unit long life.

8. The modular design of the unit, the free combination of up to 10 modules can be connected, anyone can be set to be the main module.

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