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What is the Working Principle of Water Cooled Chiller Machine?

Jul. 09, 2019

Water Cooled Chiller Machine is one of the models of industrial chillers. Due to different industries, there are countless names. Water-cooled chillers are also known as: chillers, freezers, chillers, refrigeration units, cooling water cycle machines. and many more.

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

Water Cooled Chiller Machine

The working principle of the water cooled chiller machine is that it uses the (shell-tube/water tank coil type) evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load in the water, so that the water cools down to produce cold water, and then passes through the function of the compressor. The heat is brought to the shell and tube condenser, and the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the water is performed, so that the water absorbs the heat and then the heat is taken out of the external cooling tower through the water pipe.

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